Pippa Middleton & James Matthews will rent out their ‘farm’ to host events & parties

In 2022, Pippa Middleton and her husband, Terribly Moderately Wealthy James Matthews, sold their huge London home and moved to Berkshire, not far from Middeton Manor in Bucklebury. TMW James could afford to buy a huge estate, and they’ve spent the past two years doing extensive renovations, especially to the grounds. The Mail described the estate as “a £15 million mansion a 20-minute drive from her parents.” In addition to that estate, TMW James bought Bucklebury Farm in 2020, with the express interest in developing the “farm” into some kind of tourist attraction. They’ve already partially developed it – there are “glamping pods,” a petting zoo, and a “farm shop.” Now the Middleton-Matthews will expand the farm property even further so that it can host parties and events.

Pippa Middleton and hedge-fund billionaire husband James Matthews have opened Bucklebury Farm Park’s lodge in Berkshire for parties, events, and Pilates. While the Middleton family have cut ties with the mail-order business, Party Pieces, which went into administration last year, Pippa and James have not been deterred from the party business altogether.

In 2020, Pippa and James snapped up 72 sprawling acres of land in leafy Berkshire for just £1.5million – in a village where a detached house with a garden already costs close to that price. Four years later, the couple have opened the lodge at Bucklebury Farm for social events, including parties or Pilates classes.

Daily Mail’s Diary Editor, Richard Eden, revealed in Eden Confidential: ‘Carole’s son-in-law, James Matthews, bought Bucklebury Farm in Berkshire for £1.5million in 2020. Now, I hear, he’s opening its lodge for parties, as well as events and even Pilates.’

Richard added: ‘Carole Middleton was left deeply upset by the collapse of her mail-order business, Party Pieces, which went bust last year. Happily, her family hasn’t been put off parties all together.’

Bucklebury Farm confirmed details of the plans on Instagram and shared photographs of the lodge. The caption read: ‘We are so excited to announce you can now book The Lodge (9am -5pm only) for birthday parties, corporate events, yoga session, Pilates and so much more.’

The 72-acre rolling fields, which had a ‘wedding tractor’ to celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage in 2010, is currently home to a 44-acre deer park, cafe, glamping pods and children’s play area.

It comes after the Mail on Sunday’s Charlotte Griffiths revealed in 2021 that Pippa has gone back to school to bring a new skillset to the project, dubbed ‘Pippa’s playground’. The company is listed as being involved in ‘human health activities’ – a vast field that includes homoeopathy, massage, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture. At the time, her spokeswoman said: ‘Pippa continues to focus on her studies.’

In 2023, Pippa followed in her mother’s footsteps and launched the Bucklebury Gift and Farm Shop. With its biodegradable jute tote bags, diecast toy Land Rovers and wooden train whistles, it might seem to be the ultimate online shop for a certain breed of middle-class parent.

[From The Daily Mail]

Who knew that the secret to being a successful entrepreneur was “marrying a terribly rich man and having him buy farms which you can turn into tourist attractions.” Oh right, everyone knew that. It’s just another reminder that Pippa is actually living the kind of life her mother and her sister want – married to a rich and generous man who adores her, able to keep her family life private, goes back to school to get a master’s degree, does some light charity work and develops a successful business with her husband’s money. Pippa basically lives a pseudo-aristo life.

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