Pregnant ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Acknowledges Scary Day & Intrusive Thoughts

Former “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant Sarah Herron is sharing her experiences with pregnancy after loss, and she recently revealed insight into a difficult day she’d had.

Herron is pregnant with twins after experiencing the loss of her son Oliver at 24 weeks in January 2023.

She has posted a great deal over the past couple of years about that loss and about her journey through IVF in trying to build a family with her husband, Dylan Brown.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star is not quite halfway through her pregnancy with twin girls. She has regularly provided updates as she navigates the fun and the difficult parts of her pregnancy. She recently admitted in a series of Instagram Stories she had experienced an especially unsettling day.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sarah Herron Was Uncomfortable She Couldn’t Resolve the Issue

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On March 17, Herron took to her Instagram Stories to fill Bachelor Nation fans in on what had happened. “Yesterday was a really hard and scary day,” she said.

Then, she cautioned that some might want to avoid the subsequent stories before continuing. “If seeing pregnancy announcements is triggering or annoying for you, which I completely understand, please go ahead and skip these next few stories,” Herron noted.

She then revealed, “The good news; I have started feeling babies move!” Herron explained, “I’ve been feeling baby A for about a week now…I was feeling really paranoid about not feeling Baby B though.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum continued, “However, yesterday Baby B joined the party in a big way and I’ve been feeling lots of movement from both of them intermittently!”

After sharing her good news, Herron explained some difficulties she had also just navigated. “Then mid day I’m not sure if it was heartburn, or just growing pains from growing two babies, but I could not get comfortable and I was in a lot of upper abdominal discomfort.”

Herron noted she had never experienced heartburn before, so she didn’t know for certain what it felt like. “It felt like I had a ball in my chest that I could not get to relax/go away,” she described.

She added that she had been sick anyway, so having discomfort she couldn’t resolve or explain on top of that left her “feeling really weapy (sic) and scared.”

The fear “Made the day hard and every intrusive thought crossed my mind,” Herron admitted.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Felt Better the Following Day

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Luckily, the discomfort didn’t accelerate. Herron explained, “Today, belly and chest feel perfectly normal again and my mind is in a better place.”

Herron also noted, “It’s so hard when you have these days, and then you wake up and everything’s fine again. It’s such a rollercoaster of physical and emotional.”

A later Instagram Story revealed she and her husband had made it outdoors for a walk, and it looked like it was just what she needed.

On March 20, Herron returned to her Instagram Stories for a fresh update. She smiled and leaned into her husband, who smiled and held an ultrasound photo.

“18 week check in today,” Herron beamed. She said she is going in for checks every two weeks now, and in this case, “Everything looks great, babies are head to head spooning. So cute.”

A March 22 Instagram Story update addressed another pregnancy challenge she faced.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star mentioned an upcoming maternity photo shoot. Herron explained, “We never made it to our maternity session when I was pregnant with Oliver.”

Due to that, Herron shared she had scheduled the maternity shoot with her twin girls earlier, at 23 weeks. “No idea what I’ll look or feel like by then,” but she was putting together inspirational photos of the “moments I hope to capture.”

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