Prince Harry Uses Gestures Often Used by Politicians to Appear ‘Dominant’ and ‘In Control’ Says Body Language Expert

<p>The trailers for <a href=””>Prince Harry</a>’s upcoming <em>60 Minutes</em> and ITV interviews were released. Royal commentators had a lot to say about what Harry was saying not only verbally but also physically. A <a href=””>body language expert</a> says Harry uses gestures during his <em>60 Minutes</em> interview that are reminiscent of the way politicians communicate.</p>

<h2>Prince Harry uses gestures used by politicians to appear ‘dominant’ and ‘in control’</h2>

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<p>Prince Harry is promoting his upcoming autobiography, <em>Spare</em>. One way he will promote the book is through his <em>60 Minutes</em> interview with Anderson Cooper. This will be the first U.S. interview for the book. The preview for the interview is short, but there are details that could give clues about <a href=””>Harry’s state of mind</a> during his discussion with the CNN reporter. A body language expert says Harry’s gestures align with the way politicians often behave.</p>

<p>During an interview with <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Express</a>, body language expert Judi James weighs in. She says Prince Harry seems to convey confidence and leadership during his interview with Cooper.</p>

<p>“Walking with his host he has one hand in his pocket, but the right hand is gesticulating as he talks,” says James. “This trait is one politicians and world leaders use to look more powerful and more in control than the person they are with. If one leader walks with the other, the one doing the gesticulating looks like the more dominant leader while the other is forced to listen.”</p>

<h2>Some commentators say it’s time for Harry to stop talking about the past</h2>

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<p>Some commentators are tired of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle talking about the royal family. GB News reporter Isabel Webster says if Harry wants to mend fences with his brother and father that he needs to <a href=””>stop broadcasting their problems in the media</a>. “Please, somebody give him some advice that if he wants his father and his brother back to stop chucking mud at them,” says Webster during her segment.</p>

<p>During her interview with Webster, reporter Kinsey Schofield discusses Prince Harry’s latest book promotions. Schofield believes Harry is feeding the “victimhood” narrative by continuing to give these interviews. She also points out that Harry’s statement comparing silence to betrayal was from Martin Luther King Jr.</p>

<p>“First of all, I just have to stress that [Harry’s comment that] ‘silence is a betrayal’ is a complete plagiarism from Martin Luther King Jr.,” says Schofield during her GB News interview. “So, in classic Harry and Meghan form, grabbing those great quotes from people in leadership roles from the past. [There are] very few moments of originality from either one of them. I think this is just that victimhood that has become so financially significant for them. They’ve got to continue on this path because they realize that’s a lucrative platform for them.”</p>

<h2 id=”h-our-take”>Our take</h2>

<p><a href=””>Harry and Meghan</a> have done a lot of publicity lately. It has become overwhelming at this point. However, despite all the interviews, we’ll never know what the duke and duchess are truly experiencing behind closed doors. It’s clear Harry is dealing with some complicated emotions. Author Tessa Dunlop believes “<a href=””>Harry is a man in pain</a>.” Hopefully, Meghan and Harry will find peace and healing will begin for the royal family.</p>

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