Prince Harry visited St. George’s Chapel in Windsor on QEII’s death-anniversary

We still don’t know when Prince Harry arrived in the UK, where he stayed once he got there, or when he left. I was shocked by the lack of information on his movements yesterday, which (as I said) just shows you how well Harry goes into stealth-mode. There’s some gossip that he was perhaps staying in Windsor Castle, or somewhere on the Royal Windsor estate. He could have easily spent a night or two in one of the private suites at the castle. The castle itself is bigger and roomier than most hotels. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Harry was “allowed” to stay at Frogmore Cottage again. In any case, if he was staying in Windsor, that means he was most likely in communication with his father or his father’s people ahead of this visit. Adding to that, we know for sure that Harry was in Windsor this morning and he visited St. George’s Chapel on the anniversary of his grandmother’s passing.

Prince Harry has made a shock and secret visit to the Windsor church where the Queen was laid to rest to mark the first anniversary of her death, MailOnline can reveal today. The Duke of Sussex, who has made a solo whirlwind trip to the UK without seeing any of his immediate family, was spotted leaving St George’s Chapel after attending the WellChild Awards last night.

Harry was photographed by a tourist just as his brother William and sister-in-law Kate were arriving in St Davids, Wales – 230 miles from Windsor, where they live. Around an hour earlier his father King Charles attended a memorial service to say private prayers at Balmoral’s parish church with his wife Queen Camilla.

Wearing a white shirt and smart trousers, Harry looked serious as he left a side entrance of the church where he married Meghan in 2018 as family, Britain and the world again mourned the Queen’s passing. It is not known if the fifth in the line to the throne went to Her Majesty’s grave in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which sits within the walls of the church.

Harry, who jets off to Germany for the Invictus Games tomorrow, was seen by the public leaving the church where his grandparents are both buried at around Midday. An executive Range Rover was waiting for him with his former Met police bodyguard waiting to open the door.

A number of members of the Royal Family are understood to have visited the chapel today. Harry remains close to his cousins Beatrice and Eugenie but it is not yet known if they and others paid their respects together. MailOnline has asked Buckingham Palace and a spokesman for the Duke of Sussex to comment.

[From The Daily Mail]

Harry visited the church privately and discreetly, but he also wasn’t hiding. My guess is that he simply didn’t care if he was seen and he feels (correctly) that he has every right to visit his grandparents’ graves/crypts. Anyway, all of these moves are fascinating to me because they imply a private conversation/relationship between Charles and Harry, and they imply that Charles signed off on Harry’s trip, his stay in Windsor (if that’s what happened) and his visit to the chapel. William is going to be incandescent with rage when he figures out that Charles is not-so-subtly making it clear that he’s fine with Harry.

Prince Harry has made a visit to the Windsor Church on the first anniversary of her death.

— Metro (@MetroUK) September 8, 2023

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