Princess Kate wore a £500 outfit for her Irish Guards skit in the snow

As we discussed yesterday, the Princess of Wales went to Salisbury on Wednesday, International Women’s Day, to “train” with the Irish Guards. She’s the new honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards, having taken over from her husband. I don’t have much new information here, it’s just that we finally got more photos in late in the day and I wanted to post them.

We also have an ID on her outfit now – Kate wore G-Star Raw jeggings (£150) and her Berghaus boots (£175) paired with “a £149 turtleneck jumper with a cable knit detail and buttoned sleeves from Holland Cooper.” She also wore a camouflage jacket and I missed the fact that her jacket has customized with a little crown button and some extra pizzazz. The Irish Guards know how much Kate loves her buttons. I still have the same question though – if the purpose of this skit was “Colonel Camo Keen pretends to be a soldier,” then why not just wear one of the real uniforms? Why did Kate deck herself out in a £500 outfit, her sapphire ring and gloves she refused to wear?

And yes, this was a skit. This is what Kensington Palace does with Kate now, since she’s incompetent and lazy. They just organize these skits where she wanders around somewhere, jazz-hands for 30 minutes and wears a costume. Kate’s mask fell when she had to pretend to “learn” how to do first-aid in the field. She looks so unhappy!!

Meanwhile, the British papers are trying to make a big deal over the fact that the Sussexes invited the Windsors to Lilibet’s christening and the Windsors didn’t go. I suspect Harry merely invited them because he thought it was the right thing to do, not because he actually believed they would show up. Please… Kate would never recover if she had to travel to Montecito and see how happy the Sussexes are in California. She would be grim about it for YEARS.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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