PS5 EA Sports FC 24 console bundles out this month claims leak

EA Sports FC 24 – don’t worry if you haven’t got a PS5 to play it on (Picture: EA)

It looks like Sony will be helping EA to push its new football game, while simultaneously clearing out old stock ahead of the PS5 Slim.

There might be no FIFA 24 this year, but it already seems that most people have got the message about EA Sports FC 24 and how it’s essentially the same game with a different name.

EA isn’t going to want to take any chances though and the marketing blitz is no doubt going to be intense. The adverts are already everywhere but a leak reveals that there will also be new hardware bundles for the PlayStation 5.

It’s unclear whether Sony has any kind of marketing deal for the game, but the bundles will allegedly include the console, the game, and extra Ultimate Team content.

The Digital Edition bundle (the version of the console without a disc drive) will apparently cost €519.99 and the standard console bundle is €619.99. There’s no leak for the UK price yet but a PlayStation 5 is €549.99 in France, so this would be an extra €70/£60 for the bundle.

The information comes from billbil-kun, who never seems to get a rumour wrong, especially when it involves retail releases like this, so there seems little question over whether the information is accurate.

You only get a digital copy of the game, but the bundle also includes one Rare Gold Players Pack and three iconic players on loan for five matches, for those waiting to get into the game’s equivalent of FIFA Ultimate Team.

No release date was leaked by it’s said the bundle will be available on or before the release date of EA Sports FC 24 on September 29.

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What will be interesting is whether the bundles still contain the original models of console or the much rumoured PS5 Slim.

Since it’s not mentioned in this leak you can only assume that the PS5 Slim is not involved and, in fact, probably half the reason for creating the bundle (and why there’s no Xbox equivalent) is so that Sony can continue to get rid of old stock before bringing in the new model.

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