Queen Camilla visited the king again on Sunday & he’ll need a month to recover

Here’s a new photo of Queen Camilla visiting her husband at the London Clinic on Sunday. That was her fourth trip to the hospital in the space of three days – she went with Charles when he checked in on Friday, then she returned during “tea time” on Friday following his procedure, then she visited him on Saturday and on Sunday too. No shade, I find it sweet – even if they mostly live separately, she wants to be there for him during his prostate issue. Most married couples would do the same. And that seems to be the other message from Cam – look at me, I actually give a sh-t about my hospitalized spouse, unlike some people.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace was initially a bit loosey-goosey for the king’s recovery timeline. While the king was praised for disclosing his prostate issue, they’ve played it by ear as to when Charles would be “back at work.” Now that the procedure has been completed and Charles is reportedly doing well, the palace is firming up a timeline: Charles will probably be MIA for a full month.

It is understood King Charles will not carry out any royal engagements for up to a month as he recovers from prostate surgery.

He will have a ‘period of recuperation’, Sky News reports, but will be able to attend to government papers once he is discharged.

Queen Camilla was [on Sunday] seen smiling as she visited her beloved husband and appeared to be in high spirits as she was snapped with a warm smile on her face. Wearing a teal-coloured top, smiled as she entered the hospital’s back entrance in a black Audi car at noon, followed by a Range Rover. The Queen’s visit was her third to the private hospital since she arrived with Charles on Friday morning ahead of the procedure. She stayed for three hours on Saturday at the London Clinic – the same hospital where the Princess of Wales is being cared for following abdominal surgery.

She told people inside the London Clinic on Friday that the King was ‘doing well’ after the procedure.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ve heard some doctors speak on news programs and they basically said the same thing, that everyone is different but given Charles’s age, it would probably be four to five weeks before he would feel recovered enough to do events. He will probably just work from Clarence House or Highgrove, doing phone calls and reading. Get ready to see more of Camilla throughout all of February, she’s going to be the only senior royal doing events.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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