RHOC Star Says She Misses Her Friendship With Tamra Judge Amid Feud

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Jennifer Pedranti addressed her ongoing feud with her co-star Tamra Judge in an August 2023 interview with Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap.” Pedranti noted that Judge criticized her relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, throughout the show’s 17th season. As fans are aware, Judge, who was friends with the couple before filming season 17, accused Boyajian of cheating on Pedranti. Pedranti denied her co-star’s claim and stated that Boyajian had a sexual relationship with another person when they “were on a break.”

While speaking to Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap,” Pedranti stated that she no longer considers Judge a friend following the production of RHOC season 17. The mother of five also shared that she is upset that she has had a falling out with Judge because she “really valued that friendship.” She also suggested that she believed Judge’s reaction to her relationship was not authentic and referenced that she had rejoined the RHOC cast for season 17 following a two-year absence.

“I miss my friendship, and I don’t know her this way, this is not how I knew her in my life with her. So I go through all of those – is this for TV? Is this for this, is this for that? Is this her role and I will say, I think she came back with pressure, I think she had a lot of pressure. And she needed to come back big and I’m grateful that I didn’t have that pressure, so I want to believe that maybe that’s what it is,” said the yoga instructor.

In addition, Pedranti stated she did not expect to have issues with Judge when she joined the RHOC cast for season 17.

“I certainly didn’t anticipate everything that came at me and don’t understand why those conversations were waited for on camera, why that didn’t happen between Tamra and I years before in our lives, so yeah, that’s hurtful,” said the mother of five.

Jennifer Pedranti Commented on Her Friendship With Tamra Judge in July 2023

Pedranti shared similar comments about her friendship with Judge in a July 2023 interview on Hollywood Life’s “Pay Attention Puh-Lease!” podcast. She stated that she was disappointed with the Vena CBD co-founder’s comments about her and her relationship.

“My friends matter to me. I don’t know — I’m like, ‘Was any of our friendship ever real for her? Did I ever matter? Is everything a moving piece for Tamra? Has she been in this world to long?’ You know, the things Tamra says hurt because it was real for me, she was real for me,” said the mother of five.

During the Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap” episode, Pedranti suggested she is unsure if she will mend her relationship with Judge. She stated that she attempted to reconcile several times with her castmate while filming RHOC season 17. However, the mother of five said that they were unable to move past their issues. She clarified that she would forgive Judge if she sincerely apologized.

“I am a very forgiving person, truly but truly you have to really – I can’t keep going in this cycle of ‘You’re my friend and now you are dogging everything about my relationship and my partner, which before we were filming, you were great with him.’ I need to move past it truly. Like she’s going to truly have to move past it — and an apology and I can accept an apology,” said the mother of five.

Jennifer Pedranti Responded to Tamra Judge’s Claims About Her Relationship

In a July 2023 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” alongside her castmate Emily Simpson, Judge claimed Pedranti decided to continue dating Boyajian, despite his alleged infidelity, because she wanted to join the RHOC season 17 cast.

“When Jenn was going through the casting process is when she actually found out that Ryan was cheating on her. And she chose to stay with him because she’s afraid she wouldn’t get cast on the show,” said Judge.

Pedranti denied Judge’s “Watch What Happens Live” claim during a July 2023 interview with Us Weekly.

“Like what? What are you even talking about? You think that I’m going to stay in a cheating relationship because I’m worried that I’m not going to get cast? I mean that’s like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” said Pedranti.

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