RHONJ Star Calls Co-Star The ‘Laughingstock’ Of Bravo

Rachel Fuda thinks Jackie Goldschneider is the “laughingstock” of Bravo TV.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey”  star spoke out about Goldschneider’s newfound friendship with Teresa Giudice during a June 23, 2o24 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

After host Andy Cohen pointed out that Giudice said “two times” that she needed Goldschneider in order to get incriminating information on her nemesis, Margaret Josephs, Fuda did not hold back.

“My reaction is that she is the laughingstock of Bravo right now because she just got played,” Fuda said. “Jackie just got played like a fiddle. She’s posting Happy Birthday posts and Teresa is sitting there like ‘Well, she better do what I say!’”

On the RHONJ season 14 episode titled “Trouble in Tulum,” Giudice said, “Who cares about Jackie? I just need her because  I want Margaret to be exposed.”

“Jackie always thought she was the smartest in the room,” Giudice added in a confessional. ”Please. She’s sadly mistaken. Karma’s a b****.

After Giudice said Josephs is “the root of all evil,” Jen Aydin chimed in with, “Jackie is the gatekeeper to Margaret’s arsenal.”

Giudice agreed that Goldschneider “has a mouth on her and she better [expletive] use it and go against Margaret.”

Jackie Goldschneider Defended Her Friendship With Teresa Giudice

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Despite their past falling out, it has been a bit of a love fest between Giudice and Goldschneider during season 14 of RHONJ. In May, just as the new season began to air, Goldschneider even posted a birthday tribute to Giudice on Instagram.

In honor of Giudice’s 52nd birthday, Goldschneider shared a photo of the RHONJ OG cozying up to her, and another from a girl’s night out with Jennifer Aydin and Jennifer Fessler. A third photo featured Giudice and Goldschneider posing together.

“Happy birthday @teresagiudice! Anything I say will be dissected or loved or cheered or hated, so I’ll just say happy birthday. I can’t wait to celebrate and looking forward to many more good times ahead. Wishing you the best birthday. 🎂❤️🥂,” Goldschneider captioned the post.

Goldschneider explained the unlikely friendship during her own appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” a week before Fuda was on the Bravo late-night show.

“She was very warm to me like she wanted to be a friend it was during a time when my friends were being very mean and toxic to me,” Goldschneider said of Giudice. “And I like moving forward. I think that’s what these shows are about, it’s like they are moving forward.”

When Cohen asked her if she was “nervous that Teresa was using your newfound friendship with her as a way to get back at Melissa and Margaret,” Goldschneider replied, “No, because it was me who initiated the friendship.”

Cohen then warned her she might be “surprised” by some things she sees later this season.

Melissa Gorga Doesn’t Understand Jackie Goldschneider’s Friendship With Teresa Giudice

Ralph Bavaro/BravoThe “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast in season 13.

During RHONJ season 11, Giudice spread a rumor about Goldschneider’s husband, Evan, possibly having an affair. Three years later, in the season 14 episode titled “Glitz & Blitz,” Goldschneider said she has let go of her anger over the gossip and has “moved on” from her issues with Giudice.  She even spoke to her husband about it beforehand.

“Before I became friends with Teresa, when I saw that we were starting, I took Evan aside, and I said, ‘Listen, how do you feel about me being friends with Teresa?’” she told Entertainment Tonight in May 2024. “And he was like, ‘Fine. I’m over it.’ If Evan had said, ‘I can’t stand her, stay away,’ I would have respected that. But he’s over it. I’m over it. Like, there was nothing there that I still felt like anger or pain in my heart. I let go of a lot of toxicity. I don’t want that in my life anymore.”

Giudice’s estranged sister-in-law Melissa Gorga said she was stunned by the change in Goldschneider, who was reduced to a “friend of” role this season.

Speaking with People magazine in June 2024, Gorga said, “I think the fans are going to see it was very obvious with what Jackie was trying to do here, and it doesn’t come off real or for the right reasons.”

“It’s sad because I was her biggest advocate. I loved her. I said from day one, ‘She’s a strong girl.’ She was next to me all the time,” Gorga added.

“I don’t hate Jackie,” she continued. “I’m just shocked by her, and I would say disappointed, and I can’t believe she chose that route.”

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