‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believe Robyn Brown Would Be ‘Kicked to the Curb’ if Kody Took a New Wife: ‘Her Payback Is Coming’

After 17 seasons of TLC’s Sister Wives, viewers believe they have a good idea of what to expect from the Brown family. However, fans believe one of the biggest twists fans is just ahead of the polygamist clan; a new wife. Adding a new fourth spouse could upend Kody and Robyn Brown‘s relationship, leading some fans who dislike how she has behaved in the series to claim, “her payback is coming.”

Robyn Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | YouTube/TLC

Why do fans dislike Robyn Brown so much?

When Kody Brown wed Robyn, he was already married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown. For 16 years, Kody and his then-three wives practiced polygamy in Utah. After meeting Robyn via his first wife, Meri, Kody began courting her. They married in 2010. However, from the get-go, some viewers believed there was more to Robyn than meets the eye.

Robyn always appeared to receive preferential treatment from Kody. For example, instead of remaining by Christine’s side during the labor of their final child, Truely, Kody visited Robyn. Kody went with Robyn to pick out her wedding dress, and they kissed before marriage, which angered Christine.

Throughout the series, fans historically believe Robyn has manipulated Kody. Robyn and Kody lived together exclusively throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Although Kody said he was ensuring his family’s safety, fans and even members of his clan felt differently. Some of Kody’s children confessed Robyn had everything to do with the years of social distancing that eventually tore their family apart.

Some fans believe Robyn Brown would be ‘kicked to the curb’ if Kody Brown took a new wife

Robyn Brown | TLC/YouTube

In the Brown family’s faith, the AUB (Apostolic United Brethren), men continue to take wives and have children until they are older. However, Christine slipped during an episode neither she nor Kody practiced the faith any longer. Robyn and Meri, who still believe, could argue this point. In a Reddit post titled “Will Kody remarry,” fans debated whether Robyn would be pushed aside if a new wife joined the Brown family.

“I think he definitely would if he could find one that would take him. It would be hilarious to watch Robyn kicked to the curb after what she has done to this entire family,” wrote one fan.

“I think so, and I think Robyn will encourage it. Yes, Robyn wants control over Kody, but why? Because she wants control of the money. Without the show, there is no money. I guarantee some desperate, crazy women want to be the next sister wife,” shared a second viewer.

“Yes, and it will be glorious to see him do to Robyn what he’s done to the others. Her payback is coming,” claimed a third Reddit user.

However, a fourth fan believed that neither Kody nor Robyn were interested in adding a new wife to their family. “No. As awful as Kody and Robyn are, they truly found their match in one another.”

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