Tamra Judge Explains Why She Thinks Monica Garcia Will Return to RHOSLC

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge says she does not believe “Real Housewives of Salt City” fans have seen the last of Monica Garcia.

During the January 25 episode of her podcast, “Two Ts In A Pod,” co-hosted by Teddi Mellencamp, Judge referenced that Garcia has exited the series before its upcoming 5th season after an intense season 4. As fans are aware, Heather Gay confirmed that Garcia had involvement in running the RHOSLC gossip account, Reality Von Teese, during the show’s season 4 finale.

In the “Two Ts In A Pod” episode, Judge shared she believes Garcia will eventually make a RHOSLC comeback. The RHOC star cited comments made by Bravo producers Andy Cohen, executive producer Lisa Shannon, and the RHOSLC showrunner Lori Gordon in a recent Variety interview as her evidence for her theory.

“When somebody gets fired, especially a one-season cast member, they do not do interviews like this. They do not talk about the firing. This only leads me to believe that she’s coming back,” said Judge.

The RHOC star also stated that RHOSLC viewers have expressed disappointment that Garcia will not be appearing in season 5.

“She’s good. The fans are pissed. They are not happy. The ratings have never been better!” said Judge.

In addition, Mellencamp stated that she believed Garcia would star in other reality television shows, like the Peacock series, “The Traitors.”

Andy Cohen Discussed Monica Garcia’s Exit in a January 2024 Interview

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In the January 2024 Variety article, Cohen suggested the decision to not include Garcia in RHOSLC season 5 was made after the season 4 reunion. He noted that Garcia did not appear overly apologetic toward her co-stars for her involvement in Reality Von Teese while filming the reunion.

“I think if Monica had come out. And was able to sway even one of the women back on her side, it might be a different conversation right now,” said Cohen. “The whole franchise is based on friends, and people who know each other and circulate in the same circles. And at this time, the women just need a cooling off period. And I think it’s too soon — they’ve articulated it. It’s too soon for them to reenter into a friendship, a trusting friendship. Not enough time has passed.”

He stated, however, that he “love[s] a comeback.”

“And so it would be very cool to find a path forward for her,” continued Cohen.

Heather Gay & Lisa Barlow Stated That They Would Not Shoot Scenes Alongside Monica Garcia

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While speaking to Variety in January 2024, Gay shared she is pleased Garcia will not be featured in season 5.

“Monica has no connection with any of us right now. There’s no chance that she will be in my home, in my business, or around me anytime soon,” said the “Bad Mormon” author.

Gay made similar comments during a November 2023 interview with the publication.

“I don’t think I ever will [film with Garcia]. Ever,” said Gay. “It’s pretty definitive for myself.”

While speaking to Deadline in January 2024, RHOSLC personality Lisa Barlow also shared that she would not be comfortable shooting scenes alongside Garcia. She explained that she distrusts the 40-year-old following the revelation she uploaded posts on Reality Von Teese.

“I just couldn’t trust her, I don’t want her in my home. I don’t want her in my space,” said the mother of two.

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