Taylor Swift celebrated on the field with Travis Kelce when the Chiefs won

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The Super Bowl is set: the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers on February 11th in Las Vegas. The Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens last night, upending a lot of prognostications that the Chiefs would get their asses handed to them by a superior team. When the Chiefs won, friends and family poured onto the field, including Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift.

First off, I’m so glad that Taylor decided to go to the field to congratulate Travis. She did so knowing that the cameras would track her every move and she was fine with it. So we got a full love story, documented by the NFL and sports photographers. Travis grabbed her, hugged her and pulled her in for a kiss. He called her “Tay.” He kept his arm around her even when he greeted his family. Her lipstick looked perfect and her bangs were artfully messy. He also referred to both his father and brother as “Big Dog.” We also got a look at Tay’s diamond “TNT” bracelet!!

Anyway, the sports bros are big mad that they’re getting “the Taylor Swift Super Bowl.” You know Taylor has repeatedly refused to do the Halftime show, right? She’s the biggest and best-selling artist in the world – the NFL needs Taylor more than she needs the NFL. Taylor is also headed to Japan for the start of her international Eras Tour dates, but people have done the math and Taylor will be able to perform in Japan, then hop a flight to Vegas and still be there in plenty of time for the Super Bowl.

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— NFL (@NFL) January 28, 2024


— NFL on CBS (@NFLonCBS) January 28, 2024

tnt diamond bracelet pic.twitter.com/ghuwyEdBsI

— Jane (@taylorstightend) January 29, 2024

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