The Hill: The Sussexes’ visit to Jamaica was a security threat to Britain!

Last year, The Hill published an absolutely unhinged column/analysis about King Charles’s coronation and the biggest problem facing Charles’s reign: his son, Prince Harry. While I will always agree that the Windsors’ Sussex mess has been their biggest crisis in decades, the Hill took the perspective that Prince Harry’s very existence and his success as an author and content creator are threats to democracy, a threat to NATO and a threat to national and international security. Seriously, go back and read those excerpts – it was one of the most delusional pieces of right-wing political commentary I’ve ever seen. Well, the same columnists are back on their bullsh-t and The Hill once again published this mess. Wouldn’t you know, Harry and Meghan’s appearance at a film premiere in Jamaica is absolutely a gigantic security risk to the UK and the British Commonwealth. For real.

Meghan’s dress was not gaudy!! `Red carpets, Hollywood glitz and staged photo ops are not evocative of a humble Rastafarian lifestyle. Nor was Meghan Markle, gaudily wearing an oversized black ball dress during a surprise appearance at the movie premiere of “Bob Marley: One Love” in Kingston, Jamaica. Prince Harry didn’t sport Marley’s iconic dreadlocks, but certainly the appearance of King Charles III’s youngest son is causing dread in Whitehall and Buckingham Palace.

The premiere was intended to upstage King Charles & Prince William. “Knives Out,” the 2019 dark comedy about an antagonistic family taking aim at its patriarch, would have been a more apt movie premiere choice. Harry and Meghan, ever the self-unaware narcissists, are clearly out for petty familial revenge in this latest installment of their South Park-branded “Worldwide privacy tour.” The timing of the scheming duo’s PR stunt in the Caribbean was likely calculated. Catherine, the Princess of Wales, who remains in hospital after abdominal surgery, will be laid up for months. William is sidelined from royal duties as well caring for their children. The King also will be out of pocket for some time as he begins treatment for an enlarged prostate.

The Sussexes are promoting Russian propaganda!! This would all be amusing, were it not for the serious damage Harry and Meghan continue to inflict upon the national security of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth partners, and by extension to the U.S., with their effective promotion of Russian and Chinese propaganda. Harry and Meghan’s attention-seeking behavior was bad enough in the waning years of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s lives…But now it is far worse, given how rapidly an ideological global war is overtaking the globe. Harry and Meghan are incapable of reading the room at a geostrategic level. Devoid of much-needed Whitehall guidance, they are foolishly playing into the propaganda hands of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. Moscow and Beijing are out to destroy the Commonwealth headed by King Charles, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to help them at every turn. Simply put, it is time for Harry and Meghan to be formally stripped of their royal titles by an act of the British Parliament.

Unforgivable to warmly greet local government officials! Their decision at the “One Love” premiere to gladhand Marlene Malahoo Forte, the Jamaican minister for legal and constitutional affairs, was unforgivable from a king-and-country point of view. Forte is spearheading the movement for Jamaica to cease being a realm of King Charles and to become a republic. Nor was it constitutionally wise for Harry to be pictured with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness who is continuing with his plans to hold a referendum on it later this year. While formal independence and republicanism are certainly choices Jamaicans have a right to make for themselves as a country and as a people, Harry in his capacity as the king’s son should not be seen as endorsing it.

William & Kate’s Flop Tour wasn’t their fault!! At the time, William and Catherine’s trip to Jamaica and Benin was widely thought a disaster, but unfairly so. Russian and Chinese disinformation campaigns to subvert the Commonwealth and the UK’s remaining realms had long been underway. The two simply ran into a buzzsaw not of their making.

LOL I hope Harry does this: What next? Will they meet with Argentine President Javier Milei, to discuss Argentina’s sovereignty over the Falkland Islands?

[From The Hill]

So, I’ll be slightly fair to the two lunatics who wrote this piece. I don’t doubt that the Sussexes’ appearance in Jamaica did cause some consternation in Whitehall and the palace. I don’t doubt that the Sussexes’ living their lives and thriving wherever they go IS damaging to the crown and commonwealth, because Harry and Meghan have revealed that the crown is antiquated, racist and poorly managed. That’s not “Russian propaganda,” that’s a fact. Now, what was Harry supposed to do when Jamaica’s prime minister greeted him? Should Harry have been rude and refused to shake his hand? Of course not – these people are just mad that the Sussexes do it better. They’re more charismatic, they’re friendlier and more polite, and they’re not colonialist clowns in Edwardian cosplay. Speaking of, whatever bonkers argument these men are trying to make is upended by their refusal to acknowledge that William and Kate f–ked up their Caribbean Tour. That’s not “propaganda,” that was their own racist clownery and poor management.

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