The Sun: Prince Harry & Meghan ‘disagree’ about how to raise their kids

I’m still bewildered by the British media’s insistence on their 2023 Summer Storyline: Harry and Meghan are in trouble, despite all evidence to the contrary. I guess that’s the storyline the British consumer wants to hear and wants to believe. Prince Harry and Meghan are simply two private people, raising their children and minding their business in Montecito, and the entirety of the British national press is devoted to this mind-numbing commentary about them. It’s been three-and-a-half years since they left. They’re not coming back. There’s an added element to this latest piece in the Sun – it’s one of the tabloids being sued by Harry, so they’ve settled on a bonus storyline that no one in Harry’s life supports his lawsuits, including Meghan. Some highlights:

Harry frets about his children’s safety: They have only been seen together in public four times in the past eight months and have been dogged by claims their marriage is on the rocks. And now it seems while Prince Harry works on more solo projects and frets about his children’s safety, Meghan wants to move back into public life — with Archie, four, and Lilibet, two, by her side.

Different parenting styles: An insider said the couple have different ideas on parenting, and that Harry has been very affected by his public upbringing. Archie and Lilibet are rarely seen beyond the family’s £11million Montecito mansion. But while Harry, 38, has an obsession with security and privacy, Meghan wants to raise them openly in California.

Meghan doesn’t like Harry’s lawsuits: And she has not been overly impressed by Harry’s recent focus on three high-profile High Court cases in London against the media — including a phone-hacking claim against The Sun which was thrown out by the judge last month. Although she supports him, she has not delivered the ultimate show of solidarity by accompanying him to court.

Their disagreements: An insider said: “They disagree sometimes on certain approaches. Meghan would love to be done with all the legal stuff. But she’s still supportive of him as she knows how important it is to him. But she is ready to move on. They have a beautiful life in California and new friends. Montecito is paradise. Harry is very outdoorsy, he loves it there.”

Meghan & WME: Although she has signed up with LA talent agency William Morris Endeavour, they “go to see her” rather than Meghan making the six-hour round trip.

Isolation: The couple’s self-imposed isolation is behind the heavily guarded walls of their nine-bedroom, 16-bathroom home with chicken coop and tennis court. A source said of Harry: “There is a difference in how he has grown up. He fears for his own children because of what he has gone through.”

[From The Sun]

Real talk: I think Harry and Meghan probably have had some disagreements (not arguments) about how much their kids should be exposed to the world. In another world, Meghan would have loved to put photos of her kids on Instagram and show her pride in her family. I was actually surprised that we did see so many photos and videos of the kids on the Netflix series, but that was very controlled and we rarely saw their full faces. But yeah, I think at this point, they’re on the same page. Plus, the Sun is basically just complaining because they’re desperate to see blue-eyed Lili and cutie-pie Archie. Their kids are beautiful and the British papers wish they could publish photos of them. As for the idea that Meghan wants Harry to move on from the lawsuits… again, they’re just desperate for Meghan to come to London to “support” Harry in court. I think Meghan knows this is something Harry has to do and she’s very supportive of him in this and all things.

Photos courtesy of Netflix, Misan Harriman for the Sussexes.

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