The Sussexes: ‘We wish health and healing for Kate and the family…’

A few hours of the Princess of Wales sat alone and vulnerable on a bench and told the public that she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a very simple and compassionate public message: “We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace.” The statement was signed off by both Meghan and Harry. I think it was an elegant solution for a public statement – they weren’t dripping with fake sincerity or pretending that all hatchets have been buried. No matter what, Kate is still a mother to three small children. Which is why I also believe that Harry likely called William and/or Kate too:

Harry and Meghan have reached out to Prince William and Kate after her shock cancer diagnosis. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were understood to have made contact with the Prince and Princess of Wales ‘privately’ last night.

It is not clear if the contact was a phone, video call or some messages of support. The possibility of whether Harry would fly back to the UK is not known.

It was also claimed in the United States last night that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex only learnt about Kate’s condition at the same time the world heard the news. In addition, sources also told the New York Post that the couple had ‘no idea’ about Kate’s illness.

The contact between the two brothers was disclosed by ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship.

[From The Daily Mail]

Just a few days ago, royal sources were telling People Magazine that the Sussexes were purposefully being kept “out of the loop” on the Windsors’ health crises because of the trust issue. Which I believe, in general – I don’t think that the Sussexes are getting any kind of regular briefings from England, and I totally believe that the Sussexes found out about Kate’s cancer at the same time as everyone else. I would also be very surprised if Harry and his father have had more than a couple of brief phone calls since Harry’s February visit to the UK. But making it about “trust issues with the Sussexes” when Kensington Palace was openly lying and dissembling is pretty rich. Still, I trust that the Sussexes will always “do the right thing,” even if they’re met with incandescent rage and furious briefings at every turn.

After Kate’s video announcement, without skipping a beat, the British media began shaming anyone questioning the palace clownshow while simultaneously writing twenty million stories about the Sussexes and what Harry and Meghan should do or say or how Harry should absolutely fly back to England to be with Kate or something. This piece in the Mail, full of supposition about how Harry should *want* to fly into England to see Kate, is also arguing that the Windsors should go out of their way to punish Harry if he did fly back. The coverage in the Express was even worse.

The news about Kate was released 16 hours ago.

Let’s take a stroll through all the ways the Express have trolled Meghan and Harry since the announcement was made…

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REMINDER: The ONLY thing Harry and Meghan have done since Kate’s bombshell…

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