TMZ: Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck ‘are clearly headed down the path of divorce’

Welp, I was halfway expecting this, even if I also had hope that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would spend the summer working on their marriage. Over the past week, there’s been a lot of talk about the Beverly Hills mansion they bought after house-hunting for the better part of two years. Reportedly, Ben moved out of the mansion a couple of months ago and he’s currently renting a house in Brentwood, close to Jen Garner’s home. There’s been talk that J.Lo and Ben are putting the Beverly Hills mansion on the market, and that the sale of that home indicates that the marriage cannot be saved. TMZ is now saying that outright: the house is being put on the market and divorce is “imminent.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are clearly heading down the path of divorce, because TMZ has learned they are quietly trying to sell the home they bought after they married.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, J Lo and Ben are using realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to sell the home they bought a little over a year ago to this day. TMZ broke the story, the then-newlyweds snagged the enormous Beverly Hills mansion for just over $60 million.

They were on the hunt for the home for nearly 2 years, looking at more than 80 properties before settling on the mansion.

As we reported, their marriage is in deep trouble. Ben has already moved out of the house and moved into a rental in Brentwood. Our sources say J Lo is already looking for a new house.

We’re told Arana has been showing the house for around 2 weeks, which aligns with the clear signs of trouble between Ben and Jen. So far, no buyers.

We’re told they’re asking “around $65 million” for the house. With a broker’s commission and a new tax on super-expensive properties, along with significant money they plunked down in improvements, this would mean they would take a loss of millions of dollars.

[From TMZ]

There’s a side-story happening along with the divorce rumors and real estate drama: speculation over J.Lo’s finances in particular, with some gossip that she’s broke-ass or close to it. I doubt it – while I think she’s taken some financial losses in the past year – and self-financing This Is Me… Now: A Love Story was a huge mistake – I also think she’s okay financially. She’s hustled for decades, she has a lot of revenue streams. If she sells this Beverly Hills home at a loss, I doubt it’s a huge thing. But I do question why it suddenly feels so urgent for Ben and Jen to sell this house, because I actually do believe that they’re trying to work on their sh-t. Was this some kind of ultimatum from Ben? “We can try to work it out but we have to sell this crazy money-pit mansion?” Sigh… I’m really not ready for them to divorce, you guys.

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