Travis Kelce’s Mother Has Advice for Taylor Swift About Menopause

<p id=”par-1_50″><a href=”″>Travis Kelce</a> and <a href=”″>Taylor Swift</a> first sparked <a href=””>dating rumors in September 2023</a>, and fans went wild over the unlikely couple. When Swift started attending the Kansas City Chiefs’ games, she spent time with <a href=””>his mother, Donna Kelce</a>. Recently, Donna gave sage advice to Swift — and it’s all about menopause.</p>

<h2 class=”wp-block-heading” id=”h-travis-kelce-s-mother-donna-kelce-gave-strange-advice-to-taylor-swift-regarding-menopause”>Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, gave strange advice to Taylor Swift regarding menopause</h2>

<p id=”par-2_47″><a href=””>Travis and Jason Kelce’s mother</a>, Donna Kelce, loves to watch her sons play football. Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles while Travis plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Donna attends her son’s games and famously gets to know Taylor Swift thanks to Swift’s romance with Travis. </p>

<p id=”par-3_72″><a href=””>Donna and Swift met each other</a> in a Kansas City Chiefs game suite. When initially asked about Swift, Donna said Swift and Travis’s romance was “fairly new,” and she added that spending time with Swift felt “OK,” making fans wonder how Donna really felt about the pop sensation. Now, it seems Donna and Swift have gotten to know each other better. Donna recently gave Swift menopause advice while at a QVC event.</p>

<p id=”par-4_35″>“What advice would you give to somebody, or a spoiler alert that you might share, oh, with someone like Taylor Swift, about menopause?” the interviewer asked Donna, according to a viral <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>TikTok</a> from the event.</p>

<p id=”par-5_15″>“Wear light clothing and have a fan around you at all times,” Donna laughed. </p>

<p id=”par-6_28″>When asked if she thought she’d ever be advising Swift about menopause, Donna replied, “No, she’ll be giving advice to me about everything. She’s a very smart lady.”</p>

<p id=”par-7_7″>Fans were shocked by the interviewer’s question.</p>

<p id=”par-8_8″>“This is an insane question,” one fan commented.</p>

<p id=”par-9_15″>“Taylor has her own mother; why would she ask Donna about menopause?” another fan asked.</p>

<h2 class=”wp-block-heading” id=”h-donna-kelce-says-travis-kelce-is-happier-than-she-s-seen-him-in-a-long-time”>Donna Kelce says Travis Kelce is ‘happier’ than she’s seen him in a ‘long time’</h2>

<figure class=”wp-block-image size-full” id=”emb-1″><img decoding=”async” fetchpriority=”high” width=”1711″ height=”1140″ src=”″ alt=”Taylor Swift walking behind Donna Kelce after a Kansas City Chiefs game” class=”wp-image-3658778″ srcset=” 1711w, 640w, 1024w, 150w, 768w, 1536w, 525w, 254w, 200w, 761w, 90w” sizes=”(max-width: 1711px) 100vw, 1711px”><figcaption class=”wp-element-caption”>Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, and Taylor Swift | Patrick Smith/Getty Images</figcaption></figure>

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<p id=”par-10_40″>Donna Kelce’s initial reaction to meeting Taylor Swift surprised fans and made many fans wonder whether she got along with Swift. However, once Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship became more than “fairly new,” Donna had a lot more to say.</p>

<p id=”par-11_33″>“I can tell you this,” she told The Wall Street Journal, according to <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>People</a>. “He’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time. … God bless him. He shot for the stars!”</p>

<p id=”par-12_49″>In April 2024, Travis confirmed his level of happiness. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” Travis told <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>People</a>. “I’m a guy that some people say is glass half full, half empty, and my glass is all the way full. It’s all the way full. I’m oozing life right now.”</p>

<p id=”par-13_52″>Travis added that he likes to move quickly through life, and there’s currently zero “chill” in his life thanks to his Super Bowl win and budding entertainment career. “Everything seems to be full throttle and just moving at the speed of light, and that’s how I kind of like it,” he added.</p>

<h2 class=”wp-block-heading” id=”h-travis-kelce-s-mom-loves-the-tortured-poets-department”>Travis Kelce’s mom loves ‘The Tortured Poets Department’</h2>

<p id=”par-14_29″>There’s no question whether Donna Kelce has listened to <em><a href=”″>The Tortured Poets Department</a>.</em> While at the QVC summit, Donna said she was “very impressed” by Taylor Swift’s recent work.</p>

<p id=”par-15_23″>“I listened to the whole album, and I listened to it all morning long when it was released,” she said, according to <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>People</a>.</p>

<p id=”par-16_22″>“I was just very impressed,” Donna continued. “She is a very talented woman, and I think it is probably her best work.”</p>

<p id=”par-17_19″>So, what does Travis think of the new album? “He is always in awe of her,” a source said.</p>

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