Tyler Hynes’ Fans Urge Everyone to Take Action Now After Official Account Hijacked

Tyler Hynes is one of many Hallmark celebrities who has to deal with fake scammers impersonating him and trying to trick his fans. But one scammer has taken things a step further and hacked one of his official accounts. Now his fans are urging everyone to take immediate action to help stop the scammer.

‘My X Has Been Hacked,’ Hynes Warned His Fans

Hynes shared the warning to his fans on his Facebook and Instagram reels, writing: “Apparently my X has been hacked…😳😞 No idea how to handle something like this. I’m still logged in and don’t see any funny business except they changed my email and password so I’m… Stuck.”

Many people on X (formerly known as Twitter) and other social media accounts are spreading his warning. Here’s one tweet from a fan, which shows Hynes’ warning along with proof of  the hacking.

Tyler Hynes X account has been hacked. This was his account, but someone changed his email address and password. See circled in red. Not him. @X can you help with this? pic.twitter.com/CQ85XQ29Tj

— Cathy Burgess (@cat_joy9) January 27, 2024

The person who hacked Tyler Hynes’ X account changed the username from @tyler_hynes to @_Satoshi_VM. So far, they have left everything else the same. So if you try to go to Hynes’ old Twitter address, you’ll get an error message that reads “This account doesn’t exist.” But it technically still does exist, only it’s under a hacker’s username now.

This also means that the hacker could try to direct message Hynes’ followers on X, pretending to be Hynes and writing from what was previously his official account.

Fans Are Urging His Followers to Report & Block His Hacked X Account

Hynes’ fans are hard at work spreading the word to everyone, urging them to report the hacker to X and then block his X account until this is resolved.

Donna Jo Strickler tweeted: “Spread the word and BLOCK this hacker. Everyone needs to post a notice.” In a graphic she created about what happened, she added: “Please post on your own X account To spread the word. BLOCK this hacker too! We can always unblock if Tyler regains access to his account.”

@tyler_hynes X account has been hacked.
Spread the word and BLOCK this hacker.
Everyone needs to post a notice. pic.twitter.com/56z8qT9vNq

— Donna Jo Strickler (@DonnaJo63) January 27, 2024

Fans are working hard to spread the word, in order to help keep each other safe.

Tyler Hynes account has been hacked! Be careful!
Share the information! pic.twitter.com/9WxdhH63ps

— Jen Miller 🇨🇦 (@JenJMiller1) January 27, 2024

Hynes is often impersonated on social media. Fans have noted that on Facebook, there are a lot of scammer accounts pretending to be him and liking and commenting on Hallmark viewers’ posts. In one public Facebook group for Hallmark fans, a viewer wrote: “Just got a Like and Comment from a fake Tyler Hynes account. BLOCK!”

Another fan replied, “Please be extremely leery of ALL Tyler Hynes accounts!! What a total complete mess!!!!”

Back in November, Hynes also warned fans that some AI recordings were being made to impersonate him too.

But this time is a little different, since it’s an actual account that Hynes himself owned that has been hacked and is now impersonating him.

Unfortunately, Hallmark stars often have to deal with scammers and impersonators. Ryan Paevey got so fed up, he posted profanities against a scammer impersonating him on X back in November. And although numerous people reported the account in November too, it still exists on X as of the time of this article’s publication.

Hallmark posted an official LinkTree page that lists official accounts for many Hallmark stars, to try to cut down on some of the confusion. As Heavy previously reported, this has been an ongoing issue.

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