Vicki Gunvalson Thinks John Janssen is ‘Using’ Alexis Bellino

Former “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson has already shared her thoughts on former co-star Alexis Bellino’s new relationship with castmate Shannon Beador’s ex-boyfriend John Janssen. Now, in a February 3 video posted to the SiriusXM YouTube channel, Gunvalson is elaborating on why she doesn’t like Bellino and Janssen’s romance and why she finds it hurtful to Beador.

Gunvalson explained to radio host and friend Jeff Lewis that after Beador was arrested for a hit-and-run DUI in September 2023, she came and stayed with Gunvalson and her boyfriend Michael at their home in Coto de Caza. Being in the gated community allowed her space from the paparazzi.

“John was crickets,” Gunvalson said of Beador’s ex at the time. “After she went to Coto, he was crickets. Didn’t really return a lot of phone calls. Then Shannon was like ‘I don’t really know if we’re going to make it.’ I go ‘Do you love him?’, she goes, ‘I do. I think he loves me.’ Then supposedly Alexis and John met at [the restaurant] A’s […] I guess they met for the first time and the next thing you know they’re madly in love and she’s got a promise ring, like, a day later. So that’s very hurtful to Shannon.”

Vicki Gunvalson Says John Janssen Wants Redemption on RHOC

Gunvalson went on to say, “John wants to redeem himself on the show because I guess there was a bad connotation of him [by fans]. I don’t know how the viewers and how the other cast felt because I wasn’t filming with them last year. So now he’s using Alexis to supposedly redeem himself.”

Lewis asked if Gunvalson thought that dating Bellino and her rejoining RHOC as a “Friend of” for season 18 of the series was a good way to get redemption, and Gunvalson responded, “He’s going to look like an a******. Just FYI John. Go away, if you’re madly in love with Alexis, get off social media. Nobody needs to know about you guys.”

Seeing the new relationship between Janssen and Bellino made Gunvalson reflect on her own past relationship with Brooks Ayers, whom she dated on the show for multiple seasons, to the dismay of her daughter Briana and castmate Tamra Judge.

“It’s called love-bombing [Gunvalson said of Bellino and Janssen’s affectionate social media posts and public behavior]. I had it happen to me. Brooks did it to me and I was hook, line, and sinker. It happens. And you can’t love somebody after a week of dating, or two weeks. A promise ring after a month? Wearing it on [her left-hand ring finger] right now? It’s gross,” Gunvalson said.

Alexis Bellino Shared Her First Photo Locking Lips With John Janssen

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Bellino has shared quite a few photos with Janssen since her initial promise ring reveal post on Christmas Day 2023. On January 26, however, Bellino shared her first photo of the couple kissing on Instagram.

“The tide is high, but I’m holdin’ on and I’m gonna be your number one ♥️ 🥰,” Bellino captioned the post, having the audio of Blondie’s “The Tide is High” accompany her post as well.

Many comments on Bellino’s post were negative messages, with multiple users using the word “thirsty” to describe the post. One user even intentionally drew a parallel between Janssen and Ayers, commenting, “I’m happy for Brooks and Alexis they deserve to be happy even if it took other people to find each other. It’s not about what you know but who you know ❤️.”

Bellino addressed her haters when she first went public with Janssen. In a December 26 post, the OC Housewife wrote, “Johnny J, let everyone talk. But you have shown me love that I’ve never known. I love you ❤️.”

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