Woman who ‘flashed the nation breaking into her own house’ addresses viral video

A lady has gone viral for all the wrong reasons (Picture: ITV)

A woman who has gone viral for breaking into her own house and flashing the world as she did so has addressed the chaotic moment.

For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, brace yourselves.

In a hilarious video, Lisa Rowland was filmed trying to climb in through a tiny window into her own house after forgetting her keys.

Her sister gave her a boost with one leg, before throwing them both upwards and leaving Lisa dangling on the other side.

In the meantime, as she basically performed a handstand against the window and tried to fit her legs through safely, her top slid down, leaving her breasts entirely exposed.

It was as wild as it sounds.

What viewers didn’t see though, was Lisa was desperate for the toilet, and as she was left hanging from the window with her breasts out, she actually weed on herself and it slipped down her neck…

Uh oh! (Picture: ITV)

Pure chaos (Picture: ITV)

Lisa has now addressed the viral clip after she flashed the nation (Picture: ITV)

Appearing on This Morning on Friday, and leaving hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary in hysterics, Lisa addressed becoming a TikTok sensation.

She explained how she’d been out shopping last June when she decided to come home because she needed the toilet.

But, she’d left her keys inside, so the ‘only option’ was to try and climb through the tiny window.

Lisa’s sister, also named Lisa, gave her a ‘bunk up’ and ‘shoved’ her through the window, and by some miracle, it was all captured on film.

Talking about the moment she knew things were all going wrong, Lisa quipped: ‘When the left one came out.

It all started because she was desperate for the toilet… (Picture: ITV)

Her sister thought she’d give a helping hand (Picture: ITV)

Lisa ended up with wee down her neck (Picture: ITV)

‘And then… after that, I tried to put it back in and if you look, while I was hanging, I really tried! And then they both… I let go of everything!’

It turns out, Lisa actually did let go of everything, wetting herself in the process.

‘I weed down my neck,’ she said, to a cackling Dermot and Alison.

‘It’s dripping down your neck!’ Alison laughed, adding: ‘You’re in a precarious position where you can’t move your foot.’

‘I was hanging like a bat, I was stuck!’ Lisa replied.

Meanwhile her sister, entirely helpless in the wild situation, said she couldn’t breathing because of how much she was laughing.

Alison and Dermot were in hysterics, like the rest of us (Picture: ITV)

‘I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or die.’ (Picture: ITV)

And months later, the whole world is in the same position, after the video was shared, unknowingly to Lisa, to the world.

‘I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or die,’ she said, after realising she’d gone viral.

‘When I saw the comments, the amount of positive comments, and the response, the laughter, and I love a bit of laughter.’

She explained the video, which had been taken by Lisa’s partner, had only been sent to friends, and a stranger in Northern Ireland had been the one to post the video online, where it gained so much attention.

Now, Lisa keeps the keys safely on an elastic band around her neck, clearly having learnt her lesson.

‘I can’t do this stuff again, I’m not able.’

She added: ‘When I fell to the ground covered in urine, I was past the point of panic!’

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV1.

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