10 of the best off-season hotel deals to take advantage of this fall and winter

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Summer may be just about over, but with many people working from home and some kids attending school virtually, there’s more flexibility for a fall or winter vacation than usual.
Areas that see most of the tourist action in the summer high season offer vacationers fewer crowds in the shoulder season and, best of all, great savings on hotels.  
We rounded up some of the best off-season hotel deals to take advantage of over the next few months. From luxurious stays in Cape Cod and Nantucket to bucket list paradises in Hawaii, these properties all come at a discount in the low season.
Is it safe to stay in a hotel right now? An infectious disease doctor, a cleaning expert, and hotel reps all share what you should know before you check-in.

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Summer may be coming to a close, but this year that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of vacation time. With more people working from home and many kids able to learn from just about anywhere with virtual school programs, some travelers are looking to extend the usual vacation season into the fall and winter.

The good news is that areas that typically see an influx of tourists in the summer months often have great savings on hotels in the low season. Plus, the fall and winter months frequently see fewer crowds, which is a huge plus for social distancing. 

If you’re wondering if hotels are safe to stay in right now, consider that experts have noted it’s largely about how many other people you come into contact with. While vacation rentals may be the safest option right now due to no interaction with other guests, many hotels have updated their cleaning and safety protocols to give travelers peace of mind. We’ve included updated policies for each hotel on our list below, but it’s also wise to read up on individual procedures yourself, as well as cancellation policies, before booking.  

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It’s also vital to keep in mind that without a vaccine, there’s no guarantee of safety when it comes to travel right now. We always recommend following CDC guidelines, wearing a mask in public areas, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing. You should also read up on state and local guidelines and be extra wary and cautious if you’re traveling from out of state, particularly to or from a hotspot area.

With all that in mind, if you are looking to snag a great hotel rate, look to places like beach towns and less touristy cities to get exceptional savings throughout the fall and winter. We’ve rounded up some of the best off-season hotel deals across the US, with savings of up to $600 per night when compared to high season rates for the same rooms.  

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