12 things 5-star hotels don’t want you to know


A Quora user asked: ‘What are things about 5-star hotels that they do not want you to know?’
Users with experience in the hospitality industry, including with roles at Rosewood Hotels and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, replied to the thread.
Here are their most interesting behind-the-scenes secrets.

Whether your lifestyle allows you to stay in them or simply admire them on Instagram, five-star hotels are an appealing prospect.

From the doormen to the Champagne-filled suites, the most luxurious hotels in the world give off the idea that they have everything seamlessly under control. But there’s more going on behind the scenes than you might think.

A Quora user asked the question: “What are things about 5-star hotels that they do not want you to know?”

A number of people who claim to have experience in hotels and hospitality replied to the thread — here’s what they had to say.

Your social status matters…

Business Development Leader Cameron Nezam, whose LinkedIn profile cites senior roles at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, noted that your status gives you more leverage when staying in a plush hotel.

“If you are a high-profile guest, VIP guest, loyal guest, you provide value for them by staying there so they will most likely put you on the ‘special attention’ list,” he wrote. “How special your experience turns out to be all depends on who you come across whether it’s a front desk agent, reservations agent, front office manager, sales manager, etc.

“Notice when that manager comes around the desk quickly when an A-list guest is in their periphery, they want to make sure everything is okay.”

He added that this “special attention” often happens behind the scenes through notes in the property management system.

“A celebrity or wealthy guest will definitely be watched after with more attention than a regular citizen at these hotels,” he wrote.

…and they often know who you are before you arrive

Nezam said high-end hotels try to Google every guest who stays with them “to get an idea of who they are, what they are like, and once again, rank the status of each. This will determine how good of a room they will get. A VP of a small company will likely get a better room than a Senior Associate of a large well-known company.”

Your behaviour is recorded in a database

“If you flip out at someone, that goes in your ‘profile,'” Nezam said. “If you make a big deal about being put in a room near an elevator, that gets recorded.

“This is so they can get better at anticipating your needs and providing intuitive service which is considered 5-star level. If you are a troublemaker they may have a manager handle your check-in/check-out.”

They can’t enter your room if your Do Not Disturb sign is on

This is a legal matter, according to Nezam, and it’s a “big deal” if they do it anyway.

They often give free rooms to celebrities and influencers…

This is in hopes they’ll get a promotional Instagram post in return — and they usually do.

…but …read more

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