18 brands that offer excellent warranties — plus some of our favorite products from each

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As retailers navigate the often conflicting interests of customer service, profit margins, and remaining competitive with retailers like Amazon, generous and loosely defined warranties are harder to find.
But, there are still 18 companies that offer excellent warranties. Below, you can shop them directly.
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Ever heard the old adage, “Nothing comes for free?”

Well, it’s largely true. But in the case of these 18 stores, there’s a little more leeway than average.

Lifetime warranties and great guarantees mean that you can have something you bought 15 years ago replaced at no charge to you (sometimes even for normal wear and tear), like Manduka’s PRO yoga mats or Native Union Ultra-Strong charging cords.

It might not be the reason you buy something you really didn’t need, but it’s a helpful deciding factor, especially for expensive items with many opinions — like mattresses with 10-year to lifetime warranties.

We find that it often pays off, in the long run, to pay a bit more upfront for the guarantee that you’ve got support in the next five, 10, or however many more years for any (reasonable) complaints. Having said that, these policies are always changing — so if you want to be certain at the time you purchase, you’ll want to read the fine print or contact the company itself for the products below.

Here are 18 brands that offer exceptional warranties:

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Manduka yoga mats

See all Manduka Yoga mats

Pictured: Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat, $120 – $269

Manduka backs their PRO series yoga mats to be free of manufacturer defects and to last a lifetime, so they’ll replace them even if they wear out from regular use.

Cotopaxi gear

See all Cotopaxi clothes, packs, and outdoor gear

Pictured: Allpa 35L Travel Pack, $200

All Cotopaxi products are ‘Guaranteed For Good.’ Your product is guaranteed to last 61 years, the average lifespan of a person living in the developing world. This doesn’t include normal wear and tear.

Away luggage

See all Away luggage

Pictured: Carry-On ($225)

Away will repair or replace your luggage if the shell, wheel, handle, or zipper ever breaks.

Native Union

See all Native Union Products

Pictured: 10-ft Ultra-Strong Reinforced Charging Cable, $34.99

The company offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for all of its Ultra Strength charging cables.


See all CamelBak products

Pictured: Arete 18 Hydration Pack, 1.5 Liters, $65

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