21 sneaky signs you’re stressed — even if you think you aren’t


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As our lifestyles get busier and busier, being under constant stress can start to feel normal.
Being stressed is often given a badge of honor, but it can really mess with your mental and physical health.
There are several telltale signs you’re simply under too much stress and you may not even realize it.

In our “always-on” culture, being in a perpetual state of stress can start to feel normal for many of us. As our schedules get busier and busier, we adjust to a more hectic lifestyle without even realizing that we seriously need to slow the heck down.

You may not feel frazzled, but there’s a good chance there are some subtle ways your body is telling you that you’re stressed, and they can impact you both mentally and physically.

It’s scary but true: there are plenty of silent signs stress is making you sick, or just messing with your well-being in ways you aren’t fully aware of.

Here are some telltale signs that stress is messing with you, even if you feel perfectly fine.

You’ve got jaw or tooth pain.

If you’ve been noticing soreness or pain in your jaw or teeth, you might be under some pretty intense stress. Grinding your teeth, known as bruxism, is something you may be doing whether you realize it or not — many of us do it in our sleep, which can lead to serious pain during waking hours.

Check with your dentist to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse over time.

Your memory is shot.

As our schedules get more and more packed, it’s easy to brush off issues with our memory or forgetfulness, but it’s often a clear sign of a bigger problem: you’re too stressed.

Whether you’re finding it hard to focus, or you’re forgetting things that once came easily to you, you might be flat-out frazzled. Paying attention to your train of thought (or lack thereof) can help determine if you’ve got too much on your plate, and whether you need to seriously scale back.

Your period is out of whack.

For many people who menstruate, irregular periods can feel like the norm — after all, periods are known for being unpredictable. But sudden changes in your cycle can indicate that you’re enduring too much stress, and you should pay attention.

By tracking your physical and emotional symptoms each month, you’ll know if your periods come late or are suddenly absent, a surefire sign that you could be dealing with sneaky emotional stressors.

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