5 people put Everlane’s $75 rain boots to the test in New York City — here’s how they’ve held up over the last year


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Everlane’s $75 women’s rain boots come in five colors: surplus, black, toffee, pink, and stone.
We wore them to give you an idea of what they’re like, and we updated our reviews after one year to give you an idea of how they hold up over time.
We found them comfortable, stylish, fairly priced, and easy to clean. We appreciated their traction and being able to wear them at the office.
Cons to consider are that they only come in whole sizes and they’re fairly short, so you have to judge puddle depth.

Rain boots done the old way conjure up visions of sopranos singing show tunes and tall, oversized polka-dot boots stomping through sunshowers. 

But when it rains in New York City, it doesn’t feel like a syrupy postwar musical. It feels like Monday, and you probably don’t have the cheerful optimism to drag one clunky rubber boot around all day, let alone two — which means you definitely don’t want to schlep a second pair of shoes around to change for the office. What you need is one cushiony pair that magically transitions from gritty rubber rain boot to slick Chelsea without skipping a beat. And preferably one that isn’t going to cost more than you’d be willing to spend on either. 

For that tall order, you should check out Everlane’s $75 rain boot. It comes in five neutral colors (surplus, black, toffee, pink, and stone), and whole sizes. Currently, it’s only available on the women’s portion of the site, but men could conceivably get their own pair with a little help from the company’s live chat box for size conversion. 

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The design team’s goal was simple: make the most comfortable rain boot possible. Or, in other words, the rain boot they wished existed. As a result, the $75 rain boot has a versatile ankle height, grippy tread, and a custom-designed cushioned insole for bouncy comfort. The stretch panels and pull tabs make them easier to throw on and off, and the rubber is flexible and easy to clean. They’ve got plenty of room for thick, wintry socks, and black rubber reinforcements at the front for extra coverage — and some style points. 

Before their official launch, we tested Everlane’s new $75 rain boots in the grimy slush and rain that the 2019 Polar Vortex transmuted to once it touched New York City. We stomped through puddles, ran to catch trains, and rushed through hectic weekdays at the office. Before you buy a pair, we’ve compiled our thoughts on them below.

All in all, Everlane’s team has proven themselves extremely capable in the past at giving shoppers what they want at a price they can afford. Their $68 authentic stretch jeans (which we included in our all-time favorite jeans roundup), Supima cotton underwear (which we …read more

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