A Boeing employee called Lion Air, the airline in the first 737 Max crash, ‘idiots’ for asking to have its pilots trained in flying the plane

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Internal messages from Boeing employees reveal that one called Lion Air, the airline involved in the first fatal 737 Max crash”idiots” for wanting simulator training for its pilots.
Lion Air inquired about the training, prompting an employee to say that it might be “because of their own stupidity” in 2017, according to reports by Bloomberg and Forbes.
A Lion Air Boeing 737 Max plane crashed and killed all 189 people on board in October 2018, and the final report pointed partly to the plane’s technology and how pilots were not fully trained to deal with it.
Boeing sold the plane on the basis that pilots who could already fly the regular 737 would not need simulator training, making it cheaper and faster for airlines to introduce it to their fleets.
It relented this month, saying it will recommend pilots train in simulators before flying Max planes.
The messages were part of a drove of documents released by Boeing, which show employees talking about concerns with the plane but still pushing its production forward.
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Boeing employees called the airline involved in the first fatal crash of a Boeing 737 Max plane crash “idiots” for wanting training before it started to fly the plane model.

Internal messages between Boeing employees revealed that employees were alarmed when Lion Air inquired about its pilots getting training in a simulator before they started to fly the new plane model.

The messages, released by Boeing, are redacted, but the House Transportation Committee gave Bloomberg some excerpts with Lion Air’s name unredacted. Forbes also identified Lion Air as the subject of the messages.

The messages, which mocked the airline’s inquiry, came as Boeing also convinced Lion Air that such training was not necessary — an idea Boeing used as a key selling point to sell the plane to airlines — both outlets reported.

They are from June 2017, the same month that Lion Air asked Boeing about additional training.

In one exchange, an unnamed employee writes: “Now friggin [Lion Air] might need a sim to fly the MAX, and maybe because of their own stupidity. I’m scrambling trying to figure out how to unscrew this now! Idiots.”

A colleague responded: “WHAT THE F%$&!!!! But their sister airline is already flying it!” — an apparent reference to Malaysian carrier Malindo Air, which was already flying the plane.

Lion Air did not comment on whether it was the carrier named in the messages, but people familiar with the exchanges told Bloomberg that Lion Air had inquired about simulator training before accepting Boeing’s line that it was not necessary.

One of Lion Air’s Boeing 737 Max planes then crashed in October 2018, killing all 189 people on board.

The final report into the crash criticized Boeing’s design of the plane, and criticized the manufacturer for not telling airlines about new software on the plane which malfunctioned during both fatal 737 Max crashes.

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