Steuern! I always liked that word, it seems to exude a no nonsense seriousness. It’s a German verb meaning Control, or to be in control of, something that seems to have been singularly lacking in the markets these last few days.

What an exciting month? Starting with the Mid-east turmoil, then the Fed raised interest rates, and finally the Great Government Shutdown.


Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

The Dow seems to have a mind of its own, now up, then down, and now up again…whew! And thanks to its influence even the other markets…London to Tokyo, with Dubai, Shangai, Hong Kong, Mumbai…all of them whipsawing around like no one’s in Control.

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‘May we live in Interesting Times’ indeed!

A reasonably smart bystander may look to buy some good stocks on the cheap, a canny day-trader would think to chance a quick buck on a short position, an intelligent investor on the other hand would start looking at opportunities to diversify their portfolio.

Real Estate is an option, but is generally over invested in at the moment with even prime properties in London and Manhattan going a-begging for buyers.

Crypto deserves a look, but with Congress looking to regulate the market and the sheer numbers of new currencies (some of which are dubious) coming into the market, which ones can even be trusted?

Oil and Natural Gas are stuck in the low fifties, and with the cracks within OPEC becoming even more pronounced (Qatar Left OPEC), who knows where that goes?

Fin-Tech and Food-Tech are already heavily oversubscribed.

Metals and Minerals is an option, most heavy industries require it for manufacturing, and Industrial Automation is just about coming of age. Not to mention their demand as jewelry or fashion accoutrements.

In industry there is a growing demand to mechanize or increase the use of industrial robots and the reasons all make good sense – Less risky to use in hazardous industries like mining, oil and gas etc., Less prone to make mistakes in rote work, don’t need sick-leave, overtime etc., No labor hassles…the list goes on.

Use of rare earth metals in Medical devices is growing as the latter are becoming even more sophisticated in identifying and diagnosing conditions that hitherto went un-detected until it was too late. Most of these machines rely heavily on electronics apparatus which in turn use metals like silver as conductors.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution that we are a part of is only going to grow, being able to manage all our utilities, gadgets with our smart devices is just the beginning, and these too require some sophisticated electronics to function.

In the IT and communication industry the use of silver and copper are a given.

So I buy Neodymium or Lanthanum or Dysprosium or Palladium or Vanadium or…?

Not so fast, to start with most rare earth minerals are not available for sale to individuals, but even if you could buy let’s say a ton of cerium, or five tons of Neodymium – what …read more

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A Silver Lining In Our Futures

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