A truth commission? How insiders think a Biden administration would handle investigating and even prosecuting Donald Trump

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Perhaps the most vexing question facing a potential Joe Biden presidency is what to do about the last guy who had the job: Donald Trump.
The list is long of possibilities for what Trump could be in trouble for on the other end of his presidency, when he’d no longer enjoy the immunity from criminal prosecution that comes with occupying the White House.
“Even the fact you’re considering those questions is itself earth shattering,” said Norm Eisen, a former counsel for House Democrats during the Trump impeachment proceedings.
Many Democratic insiders and other law enforcement experts say the best path would be to let the normal procedure play out with FBI-led investigators providing evidence to the relevant U.S. attorneys, who then would make their charging decisions alongside the top brass at the main DOJ.
But the prospect of a Trump probe is so significant that the Biden administration may want to go outside the typical law enforcement channels by appointing a new special counsel, impaneling a wider commission of outside legal experts or even removing the federal government entirely from the picture in deference to state investigators.
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Joe Biden will have a very full plate should the 2020 presidential election break his way. He’d have to come up with plans for reviving the US economy and keeping Americans safe from COVID-19 while also juggling pent-up demands to address everything from racial disparity to global warming.

But perhaps the most vexing question facing a potential Biden presidency is what to do about the last guy who had the job: Donald Trump.

Everything that has happened over the last five years of the Republican’s roller coaster political career suggests he could end up being a defendant himself in any number of criminal cases brought by federal or state prosecutors once he no longer enjoys the immunity that comes from being president of the United States.

That alone is enough to cause heartburn among Democrats and longtime law enforcement officials who in interviews over the last week said tough decisions would loom for both Biden and his Justice Department as they consider the evidence, history and political implications swirling around what would be an unprecedented criminal case guaranteed to blot out the sun for pretty much anything else the new president hopes to accomplish on his agenda.

“The worst thing the new administration could do is give the appearance it’s on some kind of witch hunt to go back in time and rereview everything that may have happened in the Trump administration,” said Greg Brower, a former George W. Bush-appointed federal prosecutor and top FBI liaison to Congress who has also served in the Nevada state Senate. “It’s also equally bad for a new administration to just ignore it all and look the other way as it tries to move on.”

Lock Trump up?

There are no easy answers here, but many Democratic insiders and other lawmakers experts maintain the best path for a new Democratic president would be to let the normal procedure play out …read more

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