A woman who says she only dates married millionaires thinks they treat her infinitely better than young, single men


Gweneth Lee

47-year-old Gweneth Lee is a serial mistress of affluent, self-made, married men.
It’s not about the money, as Lee says she’s a successful consultant. Rather, she says it’s that rich, married men appreciate her more.
“They don’t take it for granted,” she told Insider. “And that’s what I like, because when a man appreciates me for being a woman, I appreciate him for being a man, and a wise man knows that.”
Lee says she’s currently dating several men who are mostly in their 40s and 50s. One is now in his 70s. She has had affairs with over 100 married men in total.
“Married men are the best lovers because they’re not having sex at all,” she said. “And when they do have it, they give you 100%.”
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At 19 years old, Gweneth Lee decided she was only going to date incredibly wealthy men when she received a piece of advice from her boss while she was crying at her desk about her most recent boyfriend.

“You are far too pretty, far too interesting to be wasted on men who aren’t worth your time,” he said. “It’s just as easy to date a rich man as it is date a poor man. And with all that you bring to the table, why waste your time on someone who can’t appreciate you?”

She looked at him and realized it made perfect sense.

“Then a couple weeks later somebody picked me up in a beautiful car, took me to a beautiful restaurant, and kissed my hand at the end of the evening,” Lee told Insider. “He treated me with complete respect, and I went, ‘My God, he’s right, the richer men do treat you better.'”

Now, at age 47, Lee is a serial mistress exclusively of affluent, self-made men. She says she has had affairs with over 100 in total.

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But it’s not about the money. Lee, who is a consultant based in London, Amsterdam, and New York, says she can pay for herself to fly business class and stay at the Four Seasons, but she’s been burned too many times dating men who aren’t as successful as her.

“I don’t want to go four notches down just to get laid,” she said. “I want to make a lateral move or higher.”

‘Single men are empty, there’s nothing inside them’

Dating men without money can be like dating a nagging housewife, she says, because they don’t understand she occasionally needs three hours to herself to catch up on work. One boyfriend, for example, was so insecure about her paying for everything and not giving him constant attention he would shame her expenses — including when she used the $14 hotel WiFi.

“He complained the entire time and I said, ‘Well, that’s never happening twice,'” Lee said. “I don’t care how great your abs are.”

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