Adam Rippon recorded his own version of a Rihanna song to skate to at the Winter Olympics — and you’ll be wowed by his singing skills



US figure skater Adam Rippon has been a fan-favorite at the Winter Olympics.
Although Rippon’s Olympic performance was set to something similar to club music, he had a different song in mind at one point.
Prior to the Olympics, Rippon recorded his own cover of “Diamonds” by Rihanna.
He even performed the song at the NHK Trophy, the “grand prix” of figure skating.
Watch Rippon perform the song below.

The Winter Olympics have only just begun, but Adam Rippon has already earned the gold medal in personality. The 28-year-old figure skater has been winning viewers over with his humor, honesty, and relatability. Case in point: his love for Rihanna.

Like most humans, Rippon loves singing along to RiRi. So much so, that he recorded his own version of “Diamonds” and performed to it at the NHK Trophy, which has been deemed the “grand prix” of figure skating.

“I wanted to do something no one else has done, so I brought it up to Benji and he introduced me to a producer, Brady Kerr, who I was so lucky to work with,” Rippon told Icenetwork. “It shows I’m more than a skater, that I’m trying to put my whole heart and soul into the performance.”

As excited as Rippon was to perform a song by his idol in front of thousands, he didn’t think it was worthy of the Olympics.

“It wasn’t too bad; wasn’t too good, either,” Rippon told the New York Times of his performance. Though he’d considered performing to his cover at the Winter Olympics, he ultimately went with something akin to club music because, “it embodies me even more than my own voice.”

Fans, however, think Rippon’s cover would have been the perfect song choice.

he was perfect – mesmerizing!

— dmfeil60 (@dmfeil60) February 12, 2018


— Chloe 🥀 (@resurgentroses) February 12, 2018

IF this had happened, would have been second to the Miracle on Ice in Winter Olympics history.

— A Former Real Name Tweeter 🦍🖥 (@ndfanwabashman) February 12, 2018

Well, there’s always the 2022 Olympics.

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