All the times Boris Johnson has contradicted his own arguments for Brexit


Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson delivered a speech today calling for Theresa May to implement a hard Brexit.
The foreign secretary called for the UK to be tough on immigration and trade.
Yet Johnson has previously argued the complete opposite on multiple occasions.
Friends say the reversal is due to his own leadership ambitions.

LONDON — Boris Johnson today called on Theresa May to commit to a hard Brexit outside of the single market and customs union, complete with tougherimmigration rules.

The foreign secretary warned that any attempt to “frustrate” Brexit or leave Britain closely aligned to the EU after exiting, would be a “betrayal” of the vote to leave the EU.

However, what is not well known is that until he decided to join the campaign to leave the EU, Johnson took the polar opposite position on Brexit.

Far from being a committed hard Brexiteer, the foreign secretary actually had a long record as an MP and Mayor of London, of arguing for Britain to remain closely aligned with Europe.

Here are all the times that the foreign secretary has fundamentally contradicted his own arguments on Brexit.

“I am in favour of staying in the single market”

Boris Johnson now says it would be “mad” to stay in the single market after Brexit. Here’s what he said before joining the Leave campaign.

— Adam Bienkov (@AdamBienkov) January 15, 2018

Johnson today said that any attempt to stay in the single market would be a “betrayal” of the vote to leave the EU. However, this was very far from his position before the referendum.

“I would vote to stay in the single market,” Johnson told Sky News in 2013.

“I’m in favour of the single market. I want us to be able to trade freely with our European friends and partners.”

“Personally, I would like to stay in the single market,” he added during a visit to Paris that year.

“We need to stay in the council of ministers of the internal market. In my view, the British have done good things for Europe.”

Staying in the single market is “essential and deliverable”

In fact, such was Johnson’s enthusiasm for current EU trade rules, that he at one point called for the Brexit referendum to be on the question of whether to stay in a reformed EU, which was just “boiled down” to the single market.

“We could construct a relationship with the EU that more closely resembled that of Norway or Switzerland — except that we would be inside the single market council, and able to shape legislation,” Johnson said, adding that such an arrangement would be “essential and deliverable.”

“If we did not have [the EU] we would have to invent it”

Johnson today delivered his vision for a clean break with the EU, claiming that the bloc has always been intent on creating a “superstate” that wants to rob Britain of its sovereignty.

However, this is a long way from Johnson’s previous position on Europe.

“I am not by any means an ultra-Eurosceptic. In some ways, I am a bit of a fan …read more

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