Allbirds’ water-resistant sneakers are our new go-to shoes for rainy weather after putting them to the test for 6 months

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You can’t normally wear wool in the rain, which is too bad because we would love to wear our comfortable wool Allbirds sneakers all year long.
The company has a solution: Its Wool Runner Mizzle ($115) and the Wool Runner-Up Mizzle ($135) are covered in a water-resistant treatment that makes raindrops slide right off.
They also feature a reinforced sole that gives your feet better grip on slippery surfaces.
These smart additions make an already great sneaker even more versatile. We tested them and thought they were just as comfortable and supportive as the original Runners.

“Will they or won’t they?” I ask to myself as I crane my neck toward the gray clouds above me. As the seasons transition and weather forecasts shift with reckless abandon, it’s becoming more difficult to tell whether it’s going to rain later during the day.

That’s not good news for your shoes, because if you end up wearing the wrong ones, your feet are trapped in the unholy embrace of wet socks. Even worse, you could also permanently ruin the material of your favorite pair of shoes. 

Online shoe brand Allbirds knew that its fans were starting to store away their shoes come fall and winter time in order to protect the wool construction. Now, it has two shoes that let you enjoy soft comfort and support no matter the weather conditions. 

The Mizzle collection features the Wool Runner Mizzle and the Wool Runner-Up Mizzle, which are both made with water-resistant merino wool and a reinforced sole for more traction on slippery surfaces.

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The Runner Mizzle looks like the original Wool Runner, while the Runner-Up Mizzle is Allbirds’ first high-top sneaker in wool (the Tree Toppers were the brand’s first-ever high-top and are made from eucalyptus). 

They’re both currently available in four colors. The Runner costs $115, and the Runner-Up $135. They’re the most expensive of Allbirds’ styles, likely due to the water-resistant treatment and sole design. 

Allbirds differentiates these sneakers from other water-resistant shoes on the market by emphasizing that it uses chemical-free, naturally derived materials to create its water-repellent treatment and water-resistant layer. The company as a whole is geared toward environmentally friendly practices, using materials like sustainably harvested eucalyptus pulp, recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, and carbon-negative EVA foam.

We tried the Allbirds Mizzles to test their comfort and claims of water resistance. Our testers include first-time Allbirds wearers and longtime fans. 

Wool Runner Mizzle review: 

September 2019: I own three different pairs of Allbirds (well, four now!), the original Wool Runners, the Tree Skippers, and the

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