AllHealth Network Commits to Mental Wellness at Every Level

At AllHealth Network, mental health care and recovery are not just a service but a collaborative journey focused on strengths, resilience, and support for growth.

Reaching out for help with substance use challenges, mental illness concerns, or a desire for community support can be intimidating. Still, one Colorado company is working to eliminate that hurdle. AllHealth Network is committed to providing personalized, meaningful recovery care to the Colorado community.

The compassionate, connected, and caring team at AllHealth Network is more than just a group of professionals. They work more like a family, unified in their efforts to make a lasting impact. With leadership that supports employee wellness and team members who empower client strengths, AllHealth is not just a workplace but a community that is improving mental health care, one life at a time.

Supporting Growth for All

Taking the first step to reach out for help can be overwhelming, but AllHealth is ready to meet each new client where they are and when they are ready. Access to an initial appointment happens within 3 days. Their approach is not about focusing on the struggles but about recognizing and nurturing each individual’s strengths. They see that every client has innate potential for growth and support that individual growth and fulfillment through difficult times.

President and CEO of AllHealth Network Bill Henricks says, “It is crucially important to me that people who come to us at AllHealth — staff or client — know they are treated with integrity and respect. And that they know that we do our best to provide a work experience and client experience that leads to growth.”  When employees are healthy and valued, they can show up for work ready “to be the most impactful growth and recovery providers with communities that need us most.” Supporting staff growth makes it easier for employees to pass that mindset along to their clients. Respect for self-care boundaries, employee resource groups, and policies that allow for a genuine work-life balance are just some of the career benefits at AllHealth.

Sharing a Meaningful Mission

Walking into work feeling empowered makes the employees at AllHealth Network better at their jobs. Rather than just clocking in and out, the team members show up because they sincerely believe in the group’s mission.

Henricks says the team inspires him daily. “They work in service to the community, and each client is an ‘end’ themselves, not a means to an end. They want to help each member of their community become the best version of themselves possible, offering whatever care is available and best for the individual.”

Annual meetings for employees from the 12 AllHealth Network locations give providers a chance to learn from each other and celebrate shared successes. Henricks says that employees “share a sense of pride and belonging within the health care community. There is a consistency in which we come together to focus on our mission and keep that at the center…. It provides me with a feeling that I am home.”

Serving the Community

With over 40 programs, AllHealth Network can match each individual with the program and approach that fits best, from inpatient care to psychiatric and therapeutic services.

Partnering with Colorado Crisis Services, care is available 24/7 for anyone in the community, regardless of their age or particular mental health and substance use challenge via a walk-in crisis center. AllHealth Network also partners with local law enforcement agencies by sending clinical co-responders along with officers on 911 response calls to provide mental health support for individuals in crisis.

Beyond their locations, AllHealth Network provides services in schools, detention centers, community centers, and other community locations throughout the greater Denver Metro region.

Henricks is confident that “life lived in service of others is the best calling one can have.” AllHealth Network gives its employees the chance to provide meaningful service every day. The team is ready to offer care to every member of the community every step of the way.

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