An inside look at the first ‘mobile-friendly’ accelerated MBA program, where aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders can earn their degree from their phones — without paying a cent in tuition

The Quantic School of Business and Technology

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Entrepreneur Tom Adams took education tech company Rosetta Stone public in 2009. After joining in 2003, he led the family-run business, previously known as Fairfield Language Technologies, through its transformation to a global brand and its IPO, serving as CEO until 2013.

Today he’s the president of the Quantic School of Business and Technology — “the world’s only accredited mobile-first graduate school,” according to its website, that Adams said is uniquely designed to be completed on your mobile device. 

“It can be completed online from any device, but is particularly mobile-friendly, making it possible to study any time, anywhere,” Adams said. “Digital learning is complemented by online case studies and peer-driven project work, as well as optional real-world events and study trips, so it is much more than just an app, of course. However, it’s distinguished by being the first graduate degree that you can complete largely from your smartphone.”

Although having launched its MBA program in 2016 (originally named Smartly before becoming the Quantic School of Business and Technology in 2020), the school seems perfectly designed for the COVID-19 era. The Quantic MBA is an accelerated, 11-month program designed for the early-career professional. In addition to being fully online, it doesn’t require emerging leaders to quit their job or move to attend. 

The layout

Quantic students spend about five to 15 hours per week on their studies. While students are part of a cohort and therefore required to stay on track with the program, with the exception of case studies and group projects in Quantic’s social learning platform most lessons are asynchronous. The coursework is mastery-based, which means that students only advance through lessons based on their demonstrated command over the material. 

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According to Adams, the curriculum covers “all the essential MBA courses” studied in traditional top business schools, including accounting, economics, data analysis, leadership and organizational design, marketing, corporate and business strategy, and entrepreneurship. The program also provides instruction in more technologically-oriented business fields, such as blockchain, and offers a wide range of choices to students who seek to further their interests with electives.

“Quantic targets high-performing early and mid-career managers and professionals, often with advanced STEM degrees from top universities,” Adams said.

He added that given the program’s selectivity, Quantic students find themselves part of a dynamic community of ambitious and successful peers, which enriches their learning experience while building a powerful alumni network. 

Another distinction of the program that Adams highlighted is what he described as a “more interactive” instructional approach. 

“In contrast with traditional online programs, designed around students watching lectures from a video professor or reading long textbook passages, with some (digital) quiz to assess understanding and retention, Quantic leverages a superior proprietary learning system where students give input or make a selection and get feedback every eight seconds,” Adams said. “Our curriculum is presented as a progressive learning sequence with more practical experience gained through role playing through case studies and carrying out operations step by step, while making decisions as protagonist, making it more experiential …read more

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