Bears DT Justin Jones vows his team will give ‘beatdowns’ to Packers

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Bears defensive tackle Justin Jones continued his offseason of antagonizing the Packers’ fan base Thursday by vowing that his team is about to take control of the rivalry.

“We’re about to be on the other side of that now; we’re gonna be the ones that give the beatdowns,” Jones said. “We’re not getting beat by them anymore. It’s gonna be us. It starts Sunday.”

How does he know?

“There’s no other team in the league that’s worked harder than us this offseason,” Jones said. “Nobody’s doing it the way we’re doing it here, and our confidence is through the roof.”

The Packers have won eight in a row and 23 of the last 26 matchups.

Jones torched Packers fans in June for being “obnoxious” and had some other choice adjectives in addition to saying, “Half of them don’t even know football.”

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