Best Nootropics for Brain Health 2024: Top Supplements for Memory, Focus, & Mood

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Looking for a way to sharpen your mind, boost your performance, and overcome mental fatigue? Whether you are a student, a professional, or a lifelong learner, you deserve to have a clear and focused brain.

Today, we will show you the best nootropics that may enhance your cognitive abilities in 2024. All of these products are made from natural and safe ingredients that support your brain health.

However, one of them stands out from the rest: TakeThesis. Find out why TakeThesis is the best nootropic supplement for you and why the other brands made our list.

Best Nootropic Supplements 2024

TakeThesis – Best nootropics overall
Noocube – Best nootropic for students
Hunter Focus – Best nootropic for focus
Addall XR – Best nootropic drink
MindLab Pro – Best for daily cognitive boost
Performance Lab Mind – Best nootropics for athletes
MindVitality – Best nootropic for mental fatigue
FOCL Day – Best nootropics for anxiety
Neuro Gum – Best nootropic gum/mint
Brain Pill – Best nootropic for memory
BetterBrand – Most affordable nootropic
ONNIT Alpha Brain – Best for mental speed
Earth & Star Mushroom Gummies – Best stim-free nootropic

All supplements we reviewed feature ingredients backed by clinical evidence and priced appropriately for budget or premium buyers. Overall, TakeThesis was our winner because of its diverse formulas, and Noocube was the best for students.

1. TakeThesis – Best Nootropics Overall


Six blends targeting different aspects
Evidence-backed ingredients
86% of customers find benefits in the first month


Needs to be taken long term to see results

Who is TakeThesis Best For?

TakeThesis offers the best nootropics overall, thanks in part to its personalized subscriptions.

TakeThesis Benefits

The TakeThesis line includes six different blends named for their potential benefits: Clarity, Confidence, Logic, Creativity, Motivation, and Energy.

One of the Motivation blend’s ingredients is Dynamine, a standardized extract of methylliberine. This compound, along with caffeine (which you can add to any blend) and TeaCrine (found in Energy), boosts your reaction time and marksmanship skills, according to a clinical study [1]. The study also showed that this trio had a slight edge over other combinations in some scores.


One dose consists of two to four pills, which will vary by the specific supplement.


Alpha-GPC (Clarity, Creativity)
Citicoline (Energy)
Agmatine sulfate (Creativity)
Bacopa monnieri (Logic)
Saffron (Confidence)
Forskohlin (Motivation)
L-theanine (Optional)


TakeThesis doesn’t skip on quality with its wide range of evidence-backed ingredients and personalized support.

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2. Noocube – Best Nootropic for Students


Antioxidants for long-term protection
B vitamins for energy
Carotenoids may support eye health and brain tissue
Free shipping worldwide


May interact with drugs that have the same effect

Who is Noocube Best For?

Noocube is one of the best nootropic supplements for students, especially those who need to stare at screens all day. The presence of carotenoids, antioxidants found in carrots and other everyday vegetables, may have pro-eye health benefits.

Noocube Benefits

Lutemax is a carotenoid formulation that caught our attention. It has lutein, which the brain uses to improve memory and processing speed. Lutein also helps your eyes stay healthy and comfortable, even when you read or stare at screens for a long time [2].


Each daily dose consists of two Noocube capsules; they are best taken in the morning.


Cat’s claw
Bacopa monnieri
Panax ginseng
Vitamins B1, B7, and B12


Noocube’s dual benefits for the brain and eyes combine to make a handy nootropic for students.

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3. Hunter Focus – Best Nootropic for Focus


Supports dopamine levels
May help improve stress
Antioxidant, circulation-boosting herbs
List of references for each ingredient
Helps boost focus


Not for those on ADHD meds

Who is Hunter Focus Best For?

If you ever struggle to focus on your passions, or if you just need to concentrate on one task better, Hunter Focus may be the best nootropic supplement for you.

Hunter Focus Benefits

Hunter Focus has ingredients that boost your attention and brain power, while keeping your brain cells healthy. One of them is L-tyrosine, which turns into dopamine in your brain. This can help you control your impulses better, according to research [3].


Each daily dose of Hunter Focus consists of six capsules.


Bacopa monnieri
Vitamins B6, B9 (folate), and B12


Hunter Focus’ medley of motivation and focus-enhancing ingredients may help you pursue your passions with less struggle.

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4. Addall XR – Best Nootropic Drink


Key B vitamins for cellular energy production
Portable and easy-to-use
GABA may help you stay calm yet alert


Proprietary blend/undisclosed dosage

Who is Addall XR Best For?

Addall XR is one of the most convenient of the best nootropics we found. Their liquid shots may give you a quick boost while you’re out.

Addall XR Benefits

Addall XR gives you convenient doses of vitamins that may boost your energy and brain chemicals. You need vitamins B1 and B2 to make energy in your cells. Vitamin B6 helps you make serotonin, dopamine, and GABA [4].


Take one capsule in the morning, or one shot when needed.


Vitamins B1, B2, and B6
Bacopa monnieri


Addall XR provides essential support when you need it the most.

5. MindLab Pro – Best for Daily Cognitive Boost


Studied as a complete formula, not just singular ingredients
Natural dopamine-boosters
30-day “performance promise”


Vitamin B6 dosage may be excessive for smaller customers

Who is MindLab Pro Best For?

MindLab Pro is among the best nootropics for users who want an actual, clinically-studied formula that gives them their daily dose of mental sharpness and focus.

MindLab Pro Benefits

MindLab Pro has been suggested to work as a whole, not just as separate ingredients. In one trial, MindLab Pro improved memory, SRT, and CRT. SRT or simple reaction time is how fast you react when there is only one option. CRT or  choice reaction time is how fast you react when there are many options. [5]


Take two to four capsules every day depending on your individual needs.


Bacopa monnieri
Lion’s mane mushroom
Rhodiola rosea
Maritime pine bark extract
Vitamins B6, B9 (folate), and B12


MindLab Pro is unique among the best nootropic supplements in that it has been studied as a complete formula on actual people, no less. It may give your much-needed daily boost of focus and sharper thinking.

6. Performance Lab Mind – Best Nootropics for Athletes


Ingredients may improve attention and focus
Potential to physical reaction times
Just one capsule every day


May have an additive effect on ADHD medication

Who is Performance Lab Mind Best For?

Performance Lab Mind may top the best nootropic supplements if you need to improve how fast you react, which may be helpful in sports or aspiring athletes.

Performance Lab Mind Benefits

Performance Lab Mind has ingredients that keep your brain cells and brain chemicals healthy. One of them is citicoline, which may make you more alert and faster to react. It does this by raising dopamine, acetylcholine, and other brain compounds [6].


Take one capsule every day, preferably in the morning before breakfast.


Maritime pine bark extract


Performance Lab Mind may enhance your performance on the field and in everyday life with sharper reaction times.

7. MindVitality – Best Nootropic for Mental Fatigue


May relieve mental fatigue
Antioxidant ingredients
Impressive 100-day money-back guarantee


Users may prefer something more stimulating

Who is MindVitality Best For?

MindVitality is one of the best nootropics if you struggle with fatigue that’s not just physically debilitating, but also mentally draining.

MindVitality Benefits

MindVitality has adaptogens that may help you cope with stress and also have dopamine and antioxidants that boost your brain. Rhodiola rosea and Panax ginseng are two of them. They may help relieve overall physical and mental fatigue plus improve cognitive function. Rhodiola, in particular, is known to help lower your stress hormones [7].


Take three capsules in the morning or at lunchtime.


Brain Focus: Bacopa monnieri, mucuna, Ginkgo biloba, pine extract
Stress Kill Switch: Ashwagandha, Panax ginseng, phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola rosea
Cognitive Accelerators: Huperzia serrate, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, lion’s mane


MindVitality’s caffeine-free formula may give you long-term mental energy support without being overstimulating.

8. FOCL Day – Best Nootropics for Anxiety


Gentle energy-boosting ingredients
May help protect against symptoms of brain disease
Save money on subscription


High dose of vitamin B6

Who is FOCL Day Best For?

We recommend FOCL Day as the best nootropic supplement if you struggle with anxiety. Its main ingredient, Lion’s mane, has been suggested to help relieve symptoms of anxiety like irritability, trouble sleeping, and problems concentrating.

FOCL Day Benefits

A study showed that Lion’s Mane helped older people with memory problems feel less anxious and depressed, and think better. Better yet, over 80% of subjects felt happier, while those who took placebo had no significant changes. [8]


Take two capsules of FOCL Day every day.


Bacopa monnieri
Lion’s mane
Vitamin B6
Rhodiola rosea


FOCL Day may soothe anxiety and enhance cognition thanks to its formula centered around lion’s mane, a popular mushroom supplement.

9. Neuro Gum – Best Nootropic Gum/Mint


Supports neurotransmitter and red blood cell production
Available in cinnamon and peppermint flavors
No need to swallow pills
Slow-release medium


Not as stimulating compared to other brands

Who is Neuro Gum Best For?

Being in gum/mint form, Neuro Gum offers the best nootropic supplements for people who find swallowing pills uncomfortable or dislike complicated serving suggestions. You just pop one in your mouth and let the formula stimulate your mental energy.

Neuro Gum Benefits

Neuro Gum makes your brain chemicals and brain power better. Caffeine and theanine help you focus and react faster, especially when added in the same formula [9]. Vitamin B6 may raise serotonin, GABA, and dopamine in your brain [4].


Take two gum pieces or mints each day, either together or separately.


Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12


Skip the pills or capsules with Neuro Gum’s simple and easy-to-take nootropic blend.

10. Brain Pill – Best Nootropics for Memory


May support brain cell health
Antioxidant ingredients
May enhance dopamine and serotonin production


Not for people on blood thinners

Who is Brain Pill Best For?

Brain Pill is among the best nootropic supplements for older adults due to its long-term brain cell and tissue protection.

Brain Pill Benefits

Phosphatidylserine and DHA are good for your brain cells. Phosphatidylserine keeps them in shape, and DHA is a fish oil that helps them grow and heal. A study showed that these two in combination made older people with memory problems think better and feel happier. [10]


Take two capsules of Brain Pill daily.


Bacopa monnieri
Ginkgo biloba
DHA omega-3 complex
Huperzia serrata
Vitamins B5, B6, B9, and B12


Brain Pill may have long-term benefits by protecting your brain cells and preserving their function.

11. BetterBrand – Most Affordable Nootropics


Some ingredients may reduce stress hormones
Phosphatidylserine could improve focus
Less than $1 per day


Does not contain caffeine or B vitamins

Who is BetterBrand Best For?

Among the best nootropics, BetterBrand is the winner for customers on tight budgets. It’s also good if you’re starting out and not looking to spend too much money on nootropics.

BetterBrand Benefits

BetterBrand has adaptogens that lower your stress and boost your energy. It also has phosphatidylserine, which helps you focus better. A study showed that phosphatidylserine made people with ADHD score lower on the DSM-IV, the official manual of the American Psychiatric Association. They also paid more attention, 90% more than before [11].


Just take one capsule of Better Brand every day.


Pinus pinaster
Rhodiola rosea


BetterBrand may be lower cost than other brands on our list, but it’s by no means ineffective when it comes to promoting focus and overall brain health.

12. ONNIT Alpha Brain – Best Nootropics for Mental Speed


May improve serotonin, acetylcholine production
Supports red blood cell production for oxygen transport
Subscription offers available
Uses patented ingredients


Expensive for just 20 servings

Who is ONNIT Alpha Brain Best For?

ONNIT Alpha brain is the best nootropic supplement for all-around neurotransmitter support. It is especially good for fans of the ONNIT brand of athletic gear and supplements.

ONNIT Alpha Brain Benefits

ONNIT Alpha Brain has ingredients that make more brain chemicals for you. Dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine are some of them. Acetylcholine is the best brain chemical for processes involved in thinking, and alpha-GPC helps you make more of it [12].


Take two capsules every day.


Alpha GPC
Huperzia serrata extract
Vitamin B6


ONNIT Alpha Brain may support and balance your overall brain function with the help of patented ingredients in its formula.

13. Earth & Star Mushroom Gummies – Best Stimulant-Free Nootropic Supplement


No caffeine
No strong dopamine enhancers
Raspberry flavor
Simple blend: Just two ingredients


Not for customers looking for a more complex blend

Who is Earth & Star Mushroom Gummies Best For?

Earth & Star Mushroom Gummies is ideal if you’re already getting their stimulation from another source, like another supplement or a strong cup of coffee. It’s also among the best for nootropic stacking as the blend only consists of two ingredients.

Earth & Star Mushroom Gummies Benefits

Lion’s mane is an interesting-looking mushroom that helps L-theanine make more brain chemicals. It may also boost the nerve growth factor, which keeps your brain cells healthy and happy [13].


Chew two mushroom gummies daily.


Lion’s mane


Earth & Star Mushroom Gummies provide gentler brain health support thanks to its no-caffeine and non-stimulating blend.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements that aim to enhance cognitive function. They may be geared toward boosting memory, focus, energy, creativity, learning, and brain cell health. They’re also aptly called “brain supplements” or “brain pills.”

How Do Nootropics Work?

The best nootropic supplements work in different ways. The more popular brands may help you make more brain chemicals for overall cognition and mood. Some boost your energy, which gets lower as you get older. Others help your blood flow, fight off oxidative damage, and lower inflammation.

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Nootropic Supplements Benefits

The best nootropic supplements may boost mood, energy, focus, memory, and creativity.

Lowering Depression Symptoms

Some ingredients in nootropics, such as vitamin B6 and L-theanine, may increase mood-lifting serotonin. Others, including tyrosine and citicoline, could boost dopamine.

Increasing Energy Levels

B vitamins and adaptogens have been shown to support energy levels. While B vitamins are essential for cellular energy production, adaptogens including rhodiola and ginseng may boost your resilience during stress.

Improving Focus, Concentration, and Memory

The neurotransmitter-increasing effects of certain nootropic ingredients, including tyrosine,  citicoline, and phosphatidylserine, are shown to improve memory and focus.

Enhancing Creativity

Through enhancing dopamine and blood flow to the brain, you may feel more creative when taking some nootropics.

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Best Natural Nootropic Ingredients

If you’ve noticed that many of the best nootropics share some ingredients, this is because they are among the most evidence-based.


Caffeine is perhaps the most popular stimulant and nootropic in the world. It increases dopamine and acetylcholine signaling by blocking “tiredness” signals [9].


L-theanine is a calming ingredient in many nootropics. It may increase sleep and relaxation-promoting GABA, alongside motivating dopamine and uplifting serotonin.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is an herbal remedy with both calming and stimulant effects. It is potentially anti-inflammatory, GABA-boosting, and able to improve learning and memory [14].

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a gentler nootropic that may enhance energy levels, improve antioxidant status, and reduce excessive cortisol levels.

​​Who Should Avoid Nootropics?

Most people may safely take nootropics. However, avoid taking the risk if you are allergic to any ingredient as a food or on contact exposure. If you have a diagnosed neurological condition, consult your doctor before starting any nootropic. Some medications may have harmful additive effects, including those that boost dopamine.

How We Compiled Our List of Best Nootropics in 2024

We researched each supplement’s ingredients and overall brand quality when searching for the best nootropic supplements.

Brand Reputation and Awareness

First, we prioritized relatively well-known brands with many customer reviews. These had to be positive overall with no negative media reports or FDA warnings.

Dosage/Price Ratio

The best nootropic supplements all have average costs per daily dose under $3. Better yet, most have subscription options or larger bundles that include a discount.


Ingredient quality must be high, too, with every inclusion having a purpose and minimal fillers.


Ingredient efficacy was a critical priority. They had to have clinical studies showing efficacy in improving brain function.

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Best Nootropics FAQs

Here are the most common questions customers ask when looking for the best nootropic supplements available in 2024.

What Are the Best Nootropic Supplements on the Market?

Among the ones that made our list, we think TakeThesis’ blends are the best nootropic supplements thanks to their personalized subscription method. 

How Soon Will I See Results After Using Nootropics?

Although long-term benefits may take months to appear, other ingredients may give you a boost within hours.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Most people may safely take nootropic supplements. The main exceptions are if you have allergies to any ingredient and take medications that increase the same neurotransmitters.

Which Nootropics Can Replace Adderall?

Natural dopamine boosters such as tyrosine, along with others including phosphatidylserine, may replace Adderall at least in healthy people looking for a performance boost. However, it’s critical to consult with your doctor first before replacing or taking a nootropic.

Can Vitamins Be Nootropics?

The B group vitamins increase energy and neurotransmitter production. In sufficient doses, they may have nootropic effects as a result.

What Are the Best Nootropics for ADHD?

Phosphatidylserine and select other nootropic ingredients have shown benefits in people with ADHD. However, we cannot recommend products for a specific, diagnosed condition.

Can Nootropics Be Used as a Pre-workout?

Some nootropic ingredients, such as caffeine and B vitamins, have energy-boosting properties that extend to physical performance.

Final Thoughts on the Best Nootropics of 2024

The best nootropics feature a range of benefits in increasing brain health and performance. These brain health supplements use ingredients that may also improve your mood, which may enhance the way you perceive a difficult task, like reports or a math problem that’s been giving you sleepless nights.

If you need a nudge in the right direction, we think you can’t go wrong with TakeThesis. The brand’s six unique formulas guarantee there’s a nootropic that matches each person’s unique needs. Its variety and attention to detail made it stand out above the rest.

Don’t wait any longer. Order your best nootropic supplement today and unleash your full potential.


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