Blubrry Podcasting releases Thrive Bundle, advanced podcast tool capabilities

“These new features […] give podcasters a better understanding of their audience and more control over their content.”

COLUMBUS, Ohio (PRWEB) March 09, 2023

In the Thrive Bundle, Blubrry Podcasting has released new features for Advanced Hosting customers to access for a small additional monthly fee.

The ways podcasters can reach and understand their audiences are constantly expanding with Blubrry tools, and the Thrive Bundle brings those assets together in one easily accessible place. This combination of features is designed for podcasters who want a better understanding of their broadcast.

Key components of the Thrive package include dynamic pre-roll ad insertion, Value4Value, Google Analytics, hyperlinks in quicklinks, two new podcast stats metrics, and Apple Podcast ratings in the dashboard. These features allow podcasters to better understand and connect with their audience.

Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry, said, “These new features across many tools across our product line give podcasters better visibility into their audience and more control over their content.”

The Thrive bundle is available for purchase for any Advanced Hosting user and above for an additional $10 per month. More features will be added to the Thrive bundle over time. If you have any problems or questions, please contact Blubrry’s support team. To learn more about the Thrive Bundle, read here.

About Blubrry Podcasting: As the trusted distributor for podcasters around the world, Blubrry offers tools and services including hosting, IAB podcast statistics, private podcasting, WordPress hosting, monetization and the #1 podcasting plugin for WordPress. This podcast pioneer offers the optimal podcasting experience for creators to publish. Analyze. Grow. Contact us.

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