Body cam footage shows the off-duty Oklahoma City Police Captain asking officers to turn off the body camera during a suspected DUI stop

(CNN) Police body camera footage shows an Oklahoma City police captain who was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and asked the arresting officer to turn off his body camera.

Sergeant Christopher Skinner pulled over Captain James Matthew French, 55, just after 1:30 a.m. March 12 after allegedly seeing his SUV swerve and make a turn without a signal, according to incident reports from the Oklahoma City Police Department, portions of which are redacted became. and body camera footage released by the department.

CNN did not immediately hear a response from the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 123, which represents members of the Oklahoma City Police Department, with comment on French’s behalf.

In the body cam video, French can be seen telling Skinner he’s an Oklahoma City Police Captain before pointing it out on his chest and told Skinner to turn off his body cam. Less than a minute later, French again tells the officer to turn off his body camera.

“Turn off the camera,” French whispers. “Please.”

“Huh?” Skinner says.

“Turn off the camera,” French whispers again.

“I don’t turn off my camera,” Skinner replies.

Skinner asked French how much he had to drink. French responded that he was at a poker game and had “three or four” beers, the last about two hours before the traffic stop.

The video again shows French repeatedly telling Skinner to turn off the body cam while French struggles with on-site sobriety tests.

“I know you’re aware of our bodycam policy,” Skinner tells French. “You know I can’t turn off that body cam.”

“I do,” says French. “But I’d like to talk to you.”

“I’m a captain in the police force,” says French after a brief exchange of words.

“I understand that, sir. And I’m a sergeant… and I’m sworn to uphold the law. I still don’t favor anyone,” Skinner says.

“Okay. I’m not asking that,” says French.

According to an incident report, French was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and failing to signal an intention to make a turn.

The Oklahoma City Police Department told CNN that French is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

“Why Captain French said that I can only speculate, but the officer did exactly what he should have done by not turning off the camera,” Police Commissioner Wade Gourley told CNN affiliate KOCO.


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