Brianna Ghey’s killers finally named as Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe

The teenage killers can finally be named and pictured (Picture: PA)

The girl and boy who murdered trans teenager Brianna Ghey can be named for the first time today as Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe.

The 16-year-olds were identified only as girl X and boy Y during their four-week trial at Manchester Crown Court last December due to laws preventing the identification of under-18s involved in court proceedings.

But Mrs Justice Yip ruled there was a strong public interest in stripping them of that right after they were convicted.

The senior judge will sentence the pair for the horrific murder later.

Jenkinson, Brianna’s school friend and the daughter of teachers, and Ratcliffe, whose mother is a skiing instructor and father runs his own businesses, were aged just 15 when they lured Brianna to Linear Park in Culcheth, a village near Warrington, Cheshire.

They stabbed her 28 times in the head, neck and chest with a hunting knife Ratcliffe took with him.

Scarlett Jenkinson (Picture: CPS/SWNS)

Eddie Ratcliffe (Picture: CPS/SWNS)

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During their sentencing hearing it emerged Jenkinson has now admitted for the first time she personally stabbed Brianna after ‘snatching’ the blade from Ratcliffe during the attack.

Deanna Heer KC, prosecuting, said the teenager had been seen by a psychiatrist after she was convicted of murder last December and made ‘admissions’.

She said: ‘She said effectively, she said that at the time of the killing she had in fact administered stab wounds herself.

‘She had snatched the knife from Eddie’s hand and stabbed Brianna repeatedly.

‘She said Eddie had thrown Brianna to the floor and stabbed her three or four times then he panicked and said he did not want to kill her, so she carried on and stabbed her a number of times.

‘When asked how many, she answered, ‘A lot.’ She was satisfied and excited by what she was doing.’

Scarlett Jenkinson pictured on social media (Picture: Instagram)

A school picture of Eddie Ratcliffe (Picture: Facebook

Jurors had been told it was ‘difficult to fathom’ how the two children, described as intelligent, ‘high functioning’ and coming from normal backgrounds, could carry out such a savage attack.

But the evidence showed each had a ‘thirst for killing’ and a fascination with violence, torture and killing.

They spent weeks swapping messages about murdering another child, drawing up a list of four other teenagers in addition to Brianna.

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Brianna, 16, was found with fatal wounds on a path in Culcheth Linear Park, near Warrington, Cheshire (Picture: PA)

Jenkinson, while aged 14, downloaded a TOR internet browser app to watch videos of the torture and murder of real people, in ‘red rooms’ on the ‘dark web’.

She developed an interest in serial killers, making notes on their methods, and admitted enjoying ‘dark fantasies’ about killing and torture.

The plan to kill Brianna was laid out in one her handwritten notes later found in her bedroom after she was arrested.

It said: ‘Meet Eddie at wooden posts 1pm. Walk down to library … bus stop. Wait until Brianna gets off bus then the three of us walk to linear park. Go to the pipe/tunnel area.’

The note went on to say the teens would exchange a ‘code word’ before stabbing Brianna in the back and stomach, then covering up the area with logs.

Brianna Ghey was captured on a doorbell camera as she left the house on the day she died (Picture: PA)

The ‘murder plan’ was found crumpled up on GIRL X’s bedroom floor (Picture: PA)

Floral tributes were left at the park after Brianna’s death (Picture: PA)

Brianna’s mum, Esther Ghey, branded the teenage killers as ‘cowards’ as she called for their minimum terms to be ‘as long as possible’.

Speaking to ITV1’s Good Morning Britain last month, she said: ‘I don’t know whether justice will ever be done for Brianna. It would be nice to have her back home. That would be justice for me but obviously, that isn’t going to happen.

‘Knowing that they are going to prison and they are going to have a long time, if not forever, is a massive relief because during the trial it was a rollercoaster of emotion as you always had that little seed of doubt that maybe the jury would come to the decision that they were not guilty. So hearing that guilty plea – it was just a massive sense of relief.

‘The fact that they both pointed the finger at each other shows that they are cowards really and it shows the character of each of them. Maybe if they had admitted or shown a little remorse, I may have felt some sympathy for them.’

Brianna’s mother Esther Ghey arrives at Manchester Crown Court (Picture: Getty)

Ms Ghey has launched a campaign, Peace in Mind, in memory of Brianna, which aims to support children to process and deal with negative emotions in a healthy way.

She said: ‘When Brianna was here she actually struggled with her mental health. She was self-harming, she had an eating disorder, she had anxiety. So she was so complex because on one side she was such a confident person but on the other side she had all these difficulties.

‘Because of my experience with Brianna, I wanted to help other young people so we started the ‘Peace in Mind’ campaign and we are so close to the target now.

‘We are hoping to get a mental health coach in every school in Warrington and we are hoping to get this spread out across England as well. I am in talks with our local MP and hopefully, we are going to get it in Parliament.’

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