California is a leader on a host of issues: Letter to the editor

Re: “State leads charge for EV sales in U.S.” (Page A1, June 13).

I am delighted that California is leading the way in electric vehicle sales. It appears our state is ahead of the game on a number of issues across the nation: climate change, women’s health care rights, attempts at gun control, LGBTQ rights, et al.

It is as if we are a different nation. A nation of educated, humanistic and reasonable people, as opposed to many other Americans living in states east of the Sierra who love their guns, passed anti-abortion laws and possibly now anti-contraception, who detest the sight of an LGBTQ flag in a yard, and pass laws limiting alternative energy sources.

Thank you, Californians. By the way, when I travel overseas, and people ask if I am American, I say, “No. I’m a Californian.”

Robert ThomasCastro Valley

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