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Cameron Carew, 19, a University of Central Florida student and former leader in a campus Democratic Party club, is accused of committing sexual battery against an intoxicated woman. Carew allegedly assaulted a 19-year-old woman in his apartment in July 2018, the Orlando Sentinel reported, citing the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Carew and the woman had been drinking and smoking weed together while watching videos on YouTube prior to the incident. The Sentinel says that Carew is charged with “sexual battery (physically helpless),” which means that authorities believe the victim was unable to consent. That report adds that the victim felt as though mixing alcohol and weed made her feel “crossfaded.” The victim told a detective that Carew had tried to touch her breasts and bring her to his bedroom while they were out on his balcony smoking marijuana. The victim said that after she fell asleep, she awoke to find Carew performing sex acts with her, the police report said.

Click Orlando reports that the victim did not report the sexual assault until October 2.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Carew has been enrolled at the University of Central Florida since 2017. Prior to his arrest, Carew was listed as the Director of Outreach with the school’s Democratic Party club. His name has since been removed from the club’s website. An April 22 Facebook post from the club which identified Carew as the Director of Outreach has been edited to read, “EDIT: Cameron Carew is no longer with the College Democrats and is not a part of the board.” In a statement to Click Orlando, a group spokesperson said, “We, as an organization, have not associated with him for some months now. We do not condone his actions in the slightest and would like for his actions to not be associated with the organization. We are going to be updating our info to ensure it reflects we have severed ties with him in an effort to provide a safer environment for our members.”

Twitter/Cameron Carew

Carew wrote on the Twitter bio on his now-deleted profile, “I’ve fallen in the sauce.” Carew retweeted posts from President Barack Obama, the liberal group Democracy Group and in a negative retweet, Carew wrote, “Bull***,” above tweet from ICE. On February 19, Carew tweeted, “Add empathy to the equation, and you’ve got a better result.” A February 27 message read, “God bless America, and god bless our generation for working to get it’s s*** together.” On April 20, Carew wrote, “Please, whoever is listening register as a Democrat and vote in all primaries. Much of the change we want to see can be achieved simply by making sure that the people who represent the left actually represent the left.”

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Cameron Carew: UCF Student Accused of Sexual Battery

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