Canada’s Olympic Basketball Team Stacked with NBA Talent, Dillon Brooks Goes 100% from Curry Deep

Featuring the two-time National College Player of the Year Zach Edey, the 7’4″ Purdue University alum who just took his team the NCAA Finals, the Team Canada basketball squad preparing to compete in the Paris Olympics this summer might be — at first glance — mistaken for one of those old “before-the-pros” teams that the U.S. used to send to the Olympics until 1988.

[NOTE: This was before the 1992 Dream Team — Magic, Barkley, Bird, Jordan, etc. — broke the global basketball world and remade it in its own image.]

But any longer look at Canada’s 20-man roster reveals that Edey isn’t anywhere near the most decorated baller on the team — he’s just the tallest.

Because Team Canada is dripping with NBA talent — and first-tier NBA talent at that. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander will lead the team, just as he led the NBA’s OKC Thunder this season while making a legit run at NBA MVP.

Other big names even a casual NBA fan will recognize? NBA champions Jamal Murray and Andrew Wiggins jump out. But it’s not just a few players at the top either.

And as a result, no team — including the U.S. squad with LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum — is looking forward to playing a Canada team featuring Dillon Brooks, Trey Lyles, Andrew Nembhard, Kelly Olynyk, Kyle Alexander, and RJ Barrett.

Damn this roster is really good.

— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) June 19, 2024

Even basketball media guru Bill Simmons gave a SMDH response to seeing the Canadian roster’s richness and depth after Canada posted, with characteristic understatement: “Our 20.” Simmons responded: “Damn this roster is really good.”

If all the Canadians are warming up for the games like Brooks, the world should be on high alert.

Dillon Brooks in the lab getting ready for the Olympics with the FIBA ball

[via justbe_dt/IG]


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