Cardinals likely to fire Kliff Kingsbury

Though the NFL’s expansion to 17 games has implications here, the Cardinals are likely to match their record for most losses in a season. The 4-12 team meets the 49ers in Week 18; another loss would match Arizona’s 2018 and 2000 seasons (13). It doesn’t look like it Cliff Kingsbury will survive such an outcome.

The Cardinals are expected to release Kingsbury at the end of the season, reports’s Armando Salguero, noting that such a transaction is now “something of an open secret.” The move would come months after Kingsbury signed an extension that runs until 2027. with Steve Germ He is also rumored to be out months after his extension, which would be a notable change of course for the Cardinals.

Kingsbury, 43, took over the cards after hers Steve Wilk-led 3-13 season and made a successful push Kyler Murray 1st place overall. The Cardinals became the first team since the Baltimore Colts in 1982-83 to pick quarterbacks in the first round in consecutive years. While the cards have proved correct to reinvest and move on via the Murray selection Josh Rosen, marked a significant step backwards for the dual-threat talent this season. Murray dropped out of the Pro Bowl stage and is now rehabilitating a cruciate ligament rupture. Before the injury, it was believed that he and Kingsbury did not get along well.

A recent report suggested Kingsbury’s resignation was a possibility, but that seemed the more unlikely conclusion compared to a sacking. A resignation would prevent Kingsbury (28-36-1) from cashing in the extra money he is due under the deal he signed in March. However, little has happened since the Cards renewed their HC-GM combination.

The Cardinals maneuvered their way through chaotic Murray situations — the call for a pre-draft extension and the fallout from the homework clause included in the five-year, $230.5 million contract — and a report showed Kingsbury was “extremely frustrated” about it was the quarterback he has known since, the latter from school days. Murray’s deal ties him to the cards until 2028, which always made him most likely the last survivor despite Kingsbury and Keim extensions.

Arizona entered the season and failed to field its newly composed ones De Andre HopkinsMarchioness Brown Tandem, due to Hopkins’ six-game PED ban, and Kingsbury were unable to share the wideouts after the All-Pro’s return due to Brown’s foot injury. It wasn’t until week 12 that the talented couple saw the field together. At this point, the Cardinals were 4-7. Even though JJ Watts Recovering from another injury-plagued season and posting 10.5 sacks in his last NFL campaign, Kingsbury’s team ran into health issues along his aging offensive line and at the tight end. zach ore was lost for the season with ACL and MCL tears in week 10. Murray, who also missed two games with a hamstring injury, has been out since Week 14 with a torn ACL.

Kingsbury’s fourth map offense sits 21st in both ratings and mileage — significantly lower than the team’s playoff offense last season — and Vance JosephDefending also ranks outside the top 20 in points and yards. Should that layoff begin, it will mean another setback for college coaches hoping to establish themselves at the highest level in the sport. Matt Rhule, Chip Kelly, Gregor Schiano and Nick Saban are among the youngest not to bring their success to the NFL. In Kingsbury’s case, he made the odd leap from being fired from Texas Tech in 2018 to joining the Cards — shortly after signing on as USC’s OC. if Michael Biwill pulls through after a shot, it’s safe to assume the owner is picking his next NFL-level coach.


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