Chicago murals: With hummingbird mural in Lincoln Park, Cheri Lee Charlton aims to draw you in to linger

Cheri Lee Carlton’s “Hummingbird Dream” mural, which she painted in July 2021 on a building at 1538 N. Clybourn Ave. in Lincoln Park.


In nature, hummingbirds are almost always in motion — their wings pulsing so fast it’s rare to catch a good glimpse.

In Cheri Lee Charlton’s mural in Lincoln Park, though, the speedy, little birds are frozen in time.

“I looked at capturing the wings in a still way as an opportunity to play with repetition and employ decoration in each feather,” says Charlton, who painted the mural last year on a building at 1538 N. Clybourn Ave.

Muralist Cheri Lee Charlton.


She chose hummingbirds because the mural, which she titled “Hummingbird Dream,” is outside a Mexican restaurant at the NEWCITY shopping center, and the birds are seen as an …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times


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