Chilling texts between UK’s youngest murderers since James Bulger killers revealed after boys, 12, knifed teen to death

CHILLING messages shared by the UK’s youngest murderers since James Bulger’s killers have been revealed after they knifed a teen to death.

The 12-year-old boys launched into a savage machete attack on innocent Shawn Seesahai in a Wolverhampton park.

PAShawn Seesahai was stabbed to death in a brutal machete attack[/caption]

The schoolboy killers shared callous voicenotes

Haunting voicenotes between the pair have now been revealed after they set upon the 19-year-old and left him for dead.

One of the boys tells his killer pal: “Everyone’s talking abt (sic) it, literally everyone, everyone knows.”

The second teen callously replies: “It is what it is.”

In another exchange retrieved by police, one of the killers tells his accomplice: “I’m scared man”.

The friend says “I’m not”, followed by the acronym “IDRC” – meaning “I don’t really care”.

The monstrous duo yesterday became became the youngest-ever knife murderers to be convicted in Britain.

They are also the youngest defendants in the UK to be found guilty of murder since James’ killers Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, then aged 11, in 1993.

Nottingham Crown Court heard the horror unfolded on November 13 while Shawn was visiting the UK for cataract surgery.

His final movements were captured on CCTV as he boarded a tram with friends and visited a petrol station.

At 8pm, Shawn and one of his pals were seen chatting as they walked to the park unaware of the horror lurking inside.

Just minutes later, one of the boys “deliberately shoulder-brushed” the teen before pulling out the blade from his trousers.

Shawn managed to shout “run” to his friend before he was hacked at with the 42.5cm machete as he lay defenceless on the ground.

He was struck on his back, legs and skull with the blade – despite the fact he “offered no violence, nor done anything to offend”.

CCTV footage shows Shawn and a friend heading into the park moments before the attack

PAOne of the killers posed with a machete[/caption]

One of the boys killed him by plunging the blade so deep into his back it went through his heart and almost came out his chest.

A piece of bone also came away from his skull as he was savagely knifed in the head.

While one killer repeatedly stabbed him, the other killer was seen punching and stamping on his head.

Michelle Heeley KC, prosecuting, said: “These two boys engaged in a joint attack upon a man who had done nothing wrong, a man with no weapon, who was utterly defenceless on the ground.”

Following the horror, both boys sought to blame each other for the attack as they desperately covered their tracks.

They also claimed they had been playing video games in the hours after the killing.

But police raided both their homes and discovered the machete under one of their beds.

SWNSThe machete was found under one of the boy’s beds[/caption]

SWNSPolice also found long knives in his room[/caption]

They also found screenshots of knives on their phones and chilling web searches, including “how many criminal records can you have to leave the country”.

One of the thugs had even posed with the machete hours before the killing.

The boys are now expected to be sentenced on a date to be fixed in July.

In a moving statement, Shawn’s parents Suresh and Maneshwary said they will never be able to get over the loss of their son.

Dad Suresh also made a heartfelt plea to end knife crime as he told how he felt sympathy for the parents of his son’s killers.

He added: “I don’t think it’s a good thing that a child is carrying a machete, not even a knife, he’s just a kid.

“Pay attention to your kids, if you see them doing something wrong then tell them. Check their room, sometimes you don’t know what’s in there, so check it as parents.

“This world is a different world, kids are dangerous now. If we don’t pay attention to them this will keep happening.”

SWNSShawn was stabbed to death at random[/caption]

BPMHis parents issued a plea to end knife crime[/caption]

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