CNN Anchor Tells Biden To Punch Trump in the Face

President Joe Biden will face the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, former president Donald Trump, at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta for their first 2024 presidential debate on Thursday, June 27.

Both will answer questions without a live audience while the microphone of the candidate who is not answering a question will be turned off — to prevent interruptions.

CNN anchor Nicole Wallace delivered her advice to Biden. As seen in the video below, she said Joe Biden “has to go out there with a self-own on the age thing. ‘I mean I’m so old I might not make it through the next 90 minutes without being able to sit down or take a sip of water but I’ll never disgrace the office of the presidency. I’ll never hand state secrets over to the enemy. I’ll never call Vladimir Putin a really smart guy. I’ll never frame a love letter from Kim Jong Un, in fact, Kim Jong Un hates my guts. You know why? Because I call him an evil dictator, not the love of my life.’”

Nicolle Wallace’s debate advice for @POTUS Joe Biden is spot-on.

— Bill Madden (@maddenifico) June 24, 2024

Wallace added: “I mean he has to come in there and punch him in the face, with his own boasts. Trump boasts about things that are traitorous…If Biden doesn’t go in there and punch him in the face, with the own things that he’s proud of, then the thing is lost before it starts.”

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