Cool temperatures to follow Bay Area weekend heat wave

Bay Area locals who survive the summer heat this weekend can expect a slight cool down on Sunday that will continue into early next week, according to the National Weather Service.

“We should start to see a slight cooling trend tomorrow with temperatures about four to five degrees cooler in most areas,” NWS meteorologist Rachel Kennedy said.

The service issued a Saturday heat advisory for North Bay Mountains, East Bay, South Bay, Central Coast and the Santa Lucias, with temperatures falling between mid 90s to mid 100s.

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Bay Area air advisory extended through Thursday

Chances of the Bay Area hitting low triple digits is a lot lower tomorrow, Kennedy said. Lower temperatures will pop up in isolated portions of the East Bay and Sonoma County before spreading all across the region.

Bay Area cities with the highest temperatures on Saturday include Livermore with 101 degrees and Concord 98 degrees, but those are expected to cool down to 93 degrees and 86 degrees by Sunday, remaining the same Monday.

In the South Bay, other cities that will experience cooler weather include Sunnyvale, which will shift from 92 degrees Saturday to 86 for the next two days, as well as San Jose, which has a Saturday high of 94 degrees but will experience 88 degrees Sunday.

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