Courier told woman in wheelchair ‘don’t order things you can’t carry inside’

The delivery driver said it went against company policy to help Jessica take her parcel inside (Picture: BPM)

A woman has described her humiliation after a DPD delivery driver refused to help carry her parcels inside.

Instead, Jessica Sturrock says he said that she should not order things if she couldn’t take them inside by herself.

Jessica has a muscle-wasting disease that affects her legs and means she uses a wheelchair.

She ordered two chairs to her home in Horley, Surrey, and they arrived earlier than expected last Thursday.

When she got to the door she asked the delivery driver if he would help her take the two packages inside because there was nobody else home with her, but he wouldn’t do it.

Jessica said: ‘I was so shocked, he carried on refusing saying it wasn’t company policy. I was told in no uncertain terms by him I should “plan better”. Did he just not want me to be disabled on the day he was delivering?

Jessica was unhappy with the treatment she received (Picture: BPM)

‘I was made to feel like a nuisance, I was quite upset and angry by it because I didn’t think I was asking for too much. You’re literally talking about two or three steps. He said I should use a different courier if I wanted something brought into the house.

‘His next suggestion was that I ask my neighbour to lift it in for me, my neighbour is an 80-year-old woman. The thing that really upset me was that he went on to tell me that perhaps I shouldn’t order things if I’m disabled and I can’t get them inside.

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‘It was really hurtful, I said it’s discriminatory. I was made really angry by his obvious ableism and his lack of help. I was shaking, I was really upset.’

Jessica contacted DPD who apologised and said they would provide the driver with more training.

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