Damning evidence cops used to snare Alfie Lewis’ schoolboy killer – including blood-splattered knife & discarded clothes

COPS who snared Alfie Lewis’ schoolboy killer found a blood-splattered knife and discarded clothes after the teenager was murdered.

Bardia Shojaeifard, 14 at the time, savagely killed Alfie, 15, with a 13cm knife hidden in his uniform in Horsforth, Leeds, last year.

MEN MediaBardia Shojaeifard has been jailed for life[/caption]

MEN MediaAlfie Lewis was stabbed to death outside a school in Horsforth, Leeds, last November[/caption]

Shojaeifard previously posing with a bone-chilling blade

The 15-year-old was jailed for life today with a minimum term of 13 years at Leeds Crown Court.

Shojaeifard had hidden the knife and carried it “all day” in his evil plan to target Alfie at home time, a court heard.

Alfie had been on his way to meet friends from Horsforth School, where he had previously been a student.

The tragedy unfolded “in full view” of horrified pupils at the junction of Church Road and Church Lane at around 3pm on November 7.

Detectives from West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team launched a murder investigation before finding the haunting evidence.

Shojaeifard, who ran off and left the knife near the scene, was arrested from his home about an hour later after being identified by witnesses.

The kitchen knife, which was matched to a set of knives at the boy’s home, was forensically examined.

Alfie’s blood was then found on the knife, which Shojaeifard had stolen from his own kitchen and concealed on him throughout the school day.

The young lad’s DNA was also recovered from his killer’s clothing which was discarded it near the scene.

A court heard today from eyewitnesses how Shojaeifard approached his victim and launched the brutal attack without provocation.

Harrowing CCTV footage released by West Yorkshire Police revealed how Shojaeifard stalked Alfie through the streets before killing him in cold blood.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Atkinson said: “Shojaeifard targeted Alfie in a premeditated and planned attack using murderous violence to end his young life, for which there can be no excuse or justification.

“His actions have robbed Alfie of his future and left his family and friends absolutely devastated. No sentence will ever compensate them for their loss.

“Shojaeifard will have the rest of his life to reflect on the terrible pain and heartache that his violent actions have caused Alfie’s family.”

Alfie’s family were wearing ‘forever 15’ t-shirts in the public gallery.

They were commended for their “impeccable” behaviour throughout the emotional trial.


Heartbroken mum Heather Lane cried as she told the court: “Alfie was my youngest son, my baby boy, my little mate and my gossip column.

“He was the third corner or our little family’s triangle which is now broken.

“I’ve devastated and I miss him so much. He was my beautiful, kind baby boy and I was so proud of him.”

She said her footie-mad son carried a football with him wherever he went when he grew up, even to bed.

She added: “We laughed, danced and smiled for 15 years and I thought we would for the rest of our lives.

“Some of the things I miss the most are the simple every day things. I miss his kisses in the morning, goodnight and all of the ones in the middle.

“I miss his jokes and amazing massive smile and the love he showed me every single day. It’s unbearable not to have that now.

“Even when he was in a mood with me, he’d text me and say ‘even though I’m not talking to you, I still love you’.

“Alfie used to call me every hour when he was out with his friends talking rubbish. I’d do anything for that phone call now.

Our house was filled with Alfie and his friends. He goes out at 2.40 in the afternoon and he’s murdered.

“I can’t accept what happened as the pain is too much. I don’t know how to live without him and I don’t want to. I don’t know why this has happened to us.

“The impact Alfie had in our lives was larger than I could could ever describe and because of these horrific senseless actions – and his murder – so many lives have been affected.

“I received a phone call on November 7 that my Alfie had been stabbed. Just minutes before he left the house.

“The reality was I was never going to hold him, see him or cuddle him again. Never be able to hear him say. ‘I love you mum’ because he was murdered.

“Alfie would never use or never had any kind of weapon because I brought him up better than that.

“Alfie was my heart and when he was stabbed in the heart it killed me too. My heart is broken and I don’t know how to live my life without him.”

A young Alfie Lewis with mum Heather Lane

PATributes at the scene where Alfie died[/caption]

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