‘Destiny 2’ Root Of Nightmares Raid Race start time, power level, forbidden exotics

root of nightmares


Today marks the start of another raid in Destiny 2. This time it’s Root of Nightmares, attached to the Lightfall expansion, and as always there will be a race to see who can go first.

Bungie just laid out the rules for the race this time around, which are a bit different than normal as they give players an extra day to earn the “Day One” competition emblem and achievement. Also, there’s a bunch of broken exotics that you can’t use. So let’s go through the information:

Root of Nightmares raid race start time.: 9am PST, 12pm EST, Friday March 10, 2023

end time: 10am PST, 1pm EST, Sunday, March 12

power level: Minimum 1780 (Hard Power Cap is 1800, Peak is 1810). The raid is in competitive mode for 48 hours, which means you’ll be kept energized at level 1780 or higher -20. Artifact Power can help get you to 1780.

The first rules of the world: Loot the final chest, have your entire Fireteam return to orbit, get Bungie verified. Everyone gets a raid belt.

Forbidden Exotic List, where each of them has some sort of current damage/ammo/ability issue. You can equip them, but the exotic perks won’t work and they’ll drain your power:

Great Overture

destiny 2

Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun
Fighting Lion Exotic Grenade Launcher
Exotic Glaive by Winterbite
Exotic jötunn fusion rifle
Hierarchy of Needs Exotic Bow

Forbidden Armors and Mods:

Citan’s Ramparts Exotic Titan Gauntlets
Thread of Ascent Strang Fragment (also disabled throughout the game)
Powerful finish armor mod

That should be all you need to know to get started. You can follow the raid race on Twitch where they are hosting a Twitch Rivals event where some emblems will be given out to viewers. If you want to participate you have two days to beat it in competitive mode and then after the reset on Sunday the competitive mode will end and you can overlevel for the raid as usual so it will be much easier. A master version will be released later, and that will essentially be a permanent competitive mode with a -20 power rating, which is a change from previous seasons.

So this should be an exciting day. Curious to see who wins this time and you can follow my settings Twitter as I watch the race unfold from midday.

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